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    CBR winter get together in front of the fire, and a VIP - 24 July 2019

    I’m in, I haven’t engaged for awhile.
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    CC churning - equifax scores

    I think you will find the closure of your other card will have little affect increasing your score. Interested to hear if I’m wrong. Amex don’t currently report “Postive” information. Repayment Histrory/limits so on. They are not required to by the legislation at this time. Most Mortgage...
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    CC churning - equifax scores

    A bit late on this but I have to strongly disagree. I’m very familiar with Home Loans and Credit Reports and Scores. Churning cards reduces your Credit Score due to the inquiry’s and type of credit, these have significant impact for the proceeding 12 months but continue to affect for 5 years...
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    AFR rumour [confirmed] - SQ to launch SIN-CBR-WLG

    Have managed 6 J class SIN- CBR in Jul, 5 booked in one go with 1 waitlisted which cleared less than a month later.
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    SIN - CBR - WLG SQ291/SQ292: quite good start

    Yes and they are notorious for making wild claims about new routes that never eventuate. Still based on the question I thought it was worth mentioning
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    SIN - CBR - WLG SQ291/SQ292: quite good start

    I believe SQ picked the 777-200 because it is more premium heavy than the A330 38 vs 30 because of the expectation for premium government and corporate flyers (happy to be correct on the numbers) @Melburnian1 Qatar has announced direct flights CBR - DOH
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    Issue: Use of Fly Ahead on (points) upgraded sector

    Was this at Checkin or in the lounge? I kept getting directed to the lounge for Fly ahead on upgraded tickets as it is a process, now I just go straight to the lounge it takes time but the team there seem to understand the process.
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    Best way to get to the USA in Business Class

    I don't think anyone has mentioned the Singapore Air options SYD - SIN - FRA - JFK 123,366 VA Points and $693.62 each way if transferred to Krisflyer (Notoriously bad availability) Or SYD - SIN - SFO 114,750 VA Points and $648.82 if transferred to Kristlyer (Seems to have pretty decent...
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    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    St George has been working nicely all year. Can be transferred to Velocity or Krisfler or can be set up as a Qantas earning card
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    Booking Singapore reward flight with an Infant

    It's pretty simple, just search for the flights you want with 2 seats available once booked call up and have the infant added to the booking, cost is 10% of full fare. Only other thing I would add is think about your seats carefully, my wife always wanted us seated together however our daughter...
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    'Full' catering not assured

    Its not that simple though as VA don't open up all seats for upgrade until a few hours before the flight and then only via the lounge. I've had waitlists not clear but been able to upgrade at checkin.
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    AFR rumour [confirmed] - SQ to launch SIN-CBR-WLG

    Not the inaugural flight but I managed 3 J seats SIN-CBR on the 22nd. Really looking forward to the direct flight straight home with 15min drive to our door. Fantastic was to finish our holiday.
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    Velocity Points a scam? [How to Optimise award search]

    Been with Velocity for about 10 years. Redemptions have been ( All J Class unless otherwise stated) Brisbane - Paris RT - Etihad 2012 - Velocity Brisbane - Queenstown RT - Virgin (PE) 2013 - Velocity Brisbane - Queenstown RT -Virgin (PE) 2014 - Velocity Brisbane - Da Nang / Ho Chin -RT...
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    Virgin Australia Business Class Catering - Service, Meal times, Menus

    haha....lol....flown out of HBA more times than I could possibility count over the years and many of those times in J. Never had a voucher offered.
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    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    Apart from everything else they said "you also failed to disclose a Business bank account with 69 signatories" what? What does a transaction account have to do with anything? Failed to disclose? Show we where on your application it's asks if I have transaction accounts, what does the amount of...
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    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    Yep ANZ, AMEX and NAB approved without follow up or documents. St George needed something can't quite remember what, Citi Bank wanted financials they did not understand the structure at all but I had given them limited liabilities so they still approved the card just based on personal taxable.
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    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    So I will be unable to report on the Austbank card. I was declined after a backround check that would do ASIO credit. As I have a large amount of Investment properties and keep a few CC accounts open as well as a lot of business lending going on I normally "shave" a few items off when going...
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    Double Platinum?

    My understanding was a WP could use their certificate on anyone, so I'd be using them for me - unless I've got that wrong! We wouldn't buy flexi's normally for personal travel and I'd take a punt on the upgrade lottery, normally cheaper than flexi + WP upgrade. My understanding is that you must...
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    B77W Business Class Seat Map - Updated!

    My bad I was in 1G - Really was a terrible seat.