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  1. dmitri

    Narita currently a ghost town

    Hi team, I’m at Narita as we speak, customs had 4 people going through, 3 were my family. Stay safe everyone
  2. dmitri

    Greetings (again) this time from Tokyo

    Hi all, it's been too long between posts for me so I thought I may be of assistance to the group as I have been living in Tokyo since last September. If anyone wants some boots on the ground info or feedback RE: covid-19 please let me know. Cheers, Dmitri
  3. dmitri

    Tsukiji fish market has closed

    I really dropped the ball on this and missed out on visiting one of the best wet markets in the world. I heard lots of great stories and saw some cracking doco's on it. It's re-openining in another location but surely won't be the same...
  4. dmitri

    Delay failure turns into status credit success

    So this happened to me on a trip in 2016 and it worked out great- I booked 2 x J awards (myself, wife, 3.5 month old son) HKG-DUS return on CX. Th flight over was great, very smooth, just what I expected of CX J class. The following 4 week holiday through Europe also went to plan. The return...
  5. dmitri

    Release times of QF partner award seats

    Hi all, Is it only QF international award seats (QF flight number and QF metal) that are released 353 days out? I've found some partner award seats are getting released earlier than the QF seats. cheers,
  6. dmitri

    seeking china eastern business class review

    Hi all, I have just booked 2 x QF business class awards on China eastern- Shanghai to Brisbane. Just chasing any reviews from AFF folk. Cheers, Dmitri
  7. dmitri

    A re-introduction

    Hi all, I thought it best to start again in the intro thread. It's been too long between drinks/posts. A small re-cap since I was last on here- Jan/Feb 2016 QF/CX business award flights for myself and wife with 3.5 month old SYD-HKG-DUS LHR-HKG-SYD Dec 17/Jan 18 QF award SYD-SFO premium...
  8. dmitri

    Info on PE seat recline in back row

    Hi all, I am on QF73 PE SYD-SFO in December. Can anyone tell if me the rear row #39 has limited recline. Seat guru shows that it "may" Thanks, Dmitri
  9. dmitri

    Qantas memorabilia

    Hi all, my mum found the below at my grandad's house in one of his many collectables albums. I thought some aff'ers may find it interesting. Cheers, Dmitri
  10. dmitri

    Qantas chauffeur in SFO

    Hello there travellers, can someone please tell me if I can get the chauffeur service in SFO as I have a J award ticket booked for next January SFO-SYD. Wife and son also flying on J awards with me. Cheers, Dmitri
  11. dmitri

    Youngest Flyer in The Residence Suite

    Hi all, if anyone saw Quest means business this morning on CNN you may have seen the short story on the 16yo who is the youngest flyer to get the residence suite all to himself. Paid for in full one way AUH-SYD by himself- $20K. He runs https://www.pointsfromthepacific.com.au Fair effort I...
  12. dmitri

    How's your travel knowledge?

    A few easy ones in this lot but I must admit I didn't get 100% https://matadornetwork.com/life/can-guess-45-cities-nicknames-quiz/ https://matadornetwork.com/life/can-name-19-countries-based-outlines-quiz/
  13. dmitri

    Using points to upgrade an award booking queery

    Hi there people, excuse me if this mentioned somewhere else but I couldn't find the required info. Last week I booked flights for myself, wife and son all on points- see below SYD-SFO PE SFO-SYD J SYD-SFO PE cost me 216,000 points and SFO-SYD J cost me 288,000 points. I checked today on the...
  14. dmitri

    New travel charger on the market

    Hi all, just saw this neat little contraption. Thought it might be handy for someone on here. https://oneadaptr.com/pages/landing-page-twist Cheers, Dmitri
  15. dmitri

    Ritz carlton reviews?

    Hi there people, has anyone stayed here- Beaver Creek Hotels & Resorts | The Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch If so what were your thoughts, I just booked a few nights for this December. Cheers, Dmitri
  16. dmitri

    Alaska air points seem like great value

    Hi all,I just read this story on Alaska air points, it's very depressing to think how many qantas points I need to use to do the same international routes, might have to look into getting these when the deals are on...
  17. dmitri

    Travel Recommendations for SFO + More...

    Hi there travellers and happy new year. I've been offline for a while, life has really gotten in the way of things lately but I managed to score 3 x Y+ awards today SYD-SFO for December so I'm back on track. I chasing some recommendations of must do's for San Fran, Beaver Creek Colorado, Chicago...
  18. dmitri

    Handy for black spots

    Hi team, just read about this little gadget, could come in handy. How to Stay Connected—Even in the Most Remote Places on Earth Cheers,
  19. dmitri

    New seat upgrade app.

    Hi people, this could be a good business I think. The have some big names backing it. Australian office is in Sydney so will be interesting to see if QF play the game. Seatfrog - Sign up for last minute airline upgrades Hook yourself up with a last-minute flight upgrade with this new app -...
  20. dmitri

    Cracking drone footage of Petra

    Hi team, thought a few of you would like this clip. Petra is high on my bucket list. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEtdjAwTfhc Cheers, Dmitri