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    Oh the Difference

    Well it felt like i was cheating, travelling with the other woman so to speak. Since 1986 I have been a Loyal and faithful traveller with Qantas. I have stuck with them, complained only 3 times, given many many compliments and generally have stood up for the airline and its staff. Only once did...
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    Surly Qantas Staff

    I have found that putting in a complaint puts me in the poop. Over the years I have complained 3 times. on two of those occasions I seem to have been dumped way down the back of the plane on my next trip. No, welcome aboard sir as usual, No its been get down the bloody back where you belong...
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    Famous people seen (or even met) whilst flying or lounging

    Oh yeah, I forgot..... Told off christine aguilera's bodyguard in Melbourne. Had no idea who she was till the news that night. Big bugger- was standing in the road, told him i did not give a damm who she was i just needed to get to my connecting flight. Very polightly apologised and let me pass.
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    Famous people seen (or even met) whilst flying or lounging

    Leo Sayer once between Sydney and Perth...... The Veronicas, nice enough to chat with me for a while....... Earnie Dingo in Brisbane Qantas Club, Kamal in Auckland airport when i was 15
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    IHG Hotels that recognise status

    Interesting post. The Crowne Plaza in Perth gave me an upgrade because they noticed that i would become Platinum during this stay.
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    Cathy Flights, Qantas credits and points

    I am a Qantas Gold FF and have been for a number of years. I have just started working for a new company who flies Cathy Pacific from OZ to the Middle East. Whilst i am employed fulltime in Australia, the Middle east job is basically part time and will involve about 5 to 7 flights via Hong Kong...
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    Mis-use of hand luggage

    Oh I agree. I am the Adelaide QC at the moment and the guy accross from me has, a suit bag, a brief case and a small carry on bag. When is enough enough. Come on Qantas do the right thing and clamp down on this. No body minds a couple of brief case sized items but damm!!!!!
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    Travellers would pay more for better security: survey

    be buggered if i would want to pay for more security. How may more checks can they do. More probes.... If somebody wants to do something they will. For goodness sake, the other day i had to remove 2 fishhooks from a lure that came with a fishing magazine. when is enough wnough. The war on terror...
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    Security screening AFTER the flight?

    I fly Adelaide to Moomba twice a month and we get checked at Adelaide every time. I fail to see what it proves.
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    Qantas Club Access Denied

    Touchy one here, My experience is that if you complain about QANTAS in writing, and they have your name, for some unknown reason you get a couple of crappy flights as a reward. Luggage with out priority tags, Missed meals, etc Maybe a conspiricy theory, but its held up twice so far to me and...
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    They charged my card for 2 x $2500 tickets instead of 1. only ing
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    Advertising in the QANTAS Club - NO MORE PLEASE!

    I joined this site to comment on this issue...... I was actually followed up the escalator in perth by one of the cred card pests. When does No mean No!!!!!! Come on Qantas, shut this crap down.