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    Feeling very uninspired by Flybuys these days

    Yes. Scored an overlap offer on Friday. Spend $250 get 10k points. Activated both the Wed-Fri and the Sat-Tues offers and for my $251 spend, got 20k points. Very happy with that. I find even if it says a start date of the next day, once it’s activated you’re good to go and I’ve managed to...
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    FB missing points claim process is antiquated

    Urgh! I had some missing points from Coles Express. I called and was told to send email with credit card statement entries. Sent email and received reply that they don’t accept email, I need to go to the store and get a copy of the receipts (2 lots missing). In Melbourne and as it wasn’t 1 of...
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    Jetstar Pacific no more and vouchers cancelled

    Thankyou. That’s a good idea. I’ll see how I go with a chargeback.
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    Jetstar Pacific no more and vouchers cancelled

    Jetstar Pacific has been “transitioned” to be part of Vietnam Airlines and all and any vouchers issued by them under their Jetstar brand have been “transitioned” to them as well. Which means that the voucher we got for 3 people for internal Vietnam flights will now barely cover 2 people - if we...
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    Shop Small June – August 2020

    Have made 4 purchases now which should have triggered a Cash back. Have had 1 email and no credits - some are now 10 days old. Not feeling confident about this.
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    Woolworths Rewards Targeted offers

    I rarely get anything relevant from Woolies, Even though I do 2-3 $30-40 shops each week with them. I see threads where people are getting amazing offers and think I must have somehow made it into the Woolworths rewards control group 🙄 One day I’ll get around to setting up a new account.
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    Have you had to change/cancel travel due to COVID-19 (involuntarily or voluntarily)?

    After 2 months of promises and written assurances from Jetstar that we would get a refund they issued a credit voucher. Apparently, because our flights (SGN-HUI) were Jetstar Pacific it’s only a refund. Funny, because I booked on the Jetstar website. (Yes, I know it redirects to the local...
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    Double Amex MR points until 20 July 2020

    Seems it is only for Amex charge cards not Amex credit cards. Is that correct or am I missing something?
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    Am i entitled to my money back [Cancellation]

    Ooh this is hopefully helpful. We had flights SGN-HUI in April which were approved for a refund on 4/3. I’ve followed it up a couple of times as they stated 15 business days and each time received a reply that my refund has been approved and is coming. Fair enough. Then today, I got an email...
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    Flight Centre refunds for cancelled flights

    I did wonder that but then remembered that some of the park hopper passes can only be booked through TAs and Flight Centre did have some specials so I suspect the family got one of those.
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    Flight Centre refunds for cancelled flights

    another family gone to the media today. $1500 in fees to cancel Disneyland passes that cost $2200. https://www.theage.com.au/national/unfair-flight-centre-draws-fire-over-300-charge-for-covid-flight-cancellations-20200418-p54l25.html#comments
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    A (possibly crazy) idea for the restart.

    So I’ve been thinking that Australia and New Zealand seem to be doing an excellent job at getting covid19 under control. There are some (best case scenario) suggestions that we could even see it down to near zero in both countries within the next 6 weeks, if we maintain the current...
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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Panic Buying?

    Agree with the lentils thing. 3 out of 4 in our household are vego and I have been struggling to keep up with lentils, kidney beans, chick peas etc I figured that’s why the rush on toilet paper - people who aren’t really used to their protein including good gut bacteria and fibre are probably...
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    Singapore Air backing out of refunds?

    Ooh good to know re the departure date. Mine has come and gone 😏
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    Singapore Air backing out of refunds?

    Seems SQ are desperate for people to retain the booking as a voucher. Got this email last night, even though we have an approved refund (money not back in card yet though!) Effective 9 April 2020: Bonus flight credits are available to adult travellers who have yet to rebook or use their tickets...
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    Digital tracking of quarantined people

    Once it’s turned on it’s very hard to wind back the clock.
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    Flight Centre refunds for cancelled flights

    And that, for me, is the crux of it. FC are trying to stay afloat for today but not thinking about tomorrow. Many people choose to book their own travel, and I have seen plenty of talk from TAs reminding us of how much easier it is to cancel travel if you had booked through an agent than...
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    Aeroplane playing cards

    I have a pack of Qantas ones from about 1986.
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    Singapore Air backing out of refunds?

    I got the same email. Booking for 3 of us and had asked for refund. A credit - and no explanation of how to use it - is useless to us. Thanks for the email - will try that now.
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    The "Do you need a hand?" thread

    And many people (mainly women) as secondary earners will not be eligible for jobseeker payments if their partner earns over about $48,000.