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  1. Archipelago

    how to exchange old for new UK currency from Australia

    Here in Myanmar ^ Absolutely this The most minor of creases, a tiny mark, a folded corner - and it will not be accepted anywhere in the country. A few private money changers may take a nearly pristine note, but will hit you on the exchange rate. An ongoing frustration for expats and locals...
  2. Archipelago

    How well do you know your airports

    I hear you! I normally need 4 letters ^__^
  3. Archipelago

    How well do you know your airports

    Fantastic! Love this. Only scored 29 points though....
  4. Archipelago

    Dumb Airlines not thinking

    It's interesting how everyone views the current situation. Some view it as meaning that bargain travel will be available once travel restrictions ease - but there is something else to be aware of. As jb747 said, airlines and their seat availability will be significantly reduced. For my two...
  5. Archipelago

    Emirates Announced Suspending all PAX operations from March 25 - Then Backtracked

    Never thought this would happen, but it has https://www.emirates.com/media-centre/the-emirates-groups-business-response-to-covid-19/
  6. Archipelago

    USA restricts travel from Europe's Schengen area

    WILSONNNNN!!!! (he shouts as the volley ball drifts away from the raft)
  7. Archipelago

    A chance to reminisce - who remembers the "old days" of Travel?

    Great photos, thanks for sharing. My eagle eye though now 😁 has questions about the apparition behind and to your Mum's right :)
  8. Archipelago

    A chance to reminisce - who remembers the "old days" of Travel?

    I remember those well. I was a prolific letter writer in the 90's as I worked in remote areas for long periods (google "Montebello Islands" and relished the weekly mail delivery by floatplane. When I started working in Asia, the same applied. Aside from the games that SQ and other airlines gave...
  9. Archipelago

    A chance to reminisce - who remembers the "old days" of Travel?

    Great post @juddles Totally my era too, for the start of my younger travelling life. Recently I was reminiscing with a similar aged friend. We were trying to work out how we actually found and booked accommodation (nineties to early 2000's) I remember WOTIF was the first OTA for hotels I used...
  10. Archipelago

    Fiji Airways services operated by Malindo

    Interesting post/question. I was doing a lot of flying on Malindo last year or so between KUL & HKT, KUL & BKI I'll see if I can dig out the photos took on board. Can't remember it seeming lower - but I live full time in SE Asia and haven't flown an Australian carrier for years, so no way of...
  11. Archipelago

    Help needed finding destination guide video on Dallas Fort Worth

    *adding Hvr to my friend list in case of me disappearing suddenly*
  12. Archipelago

    Help needed finding destination guide video on Dallas Fort Worth

    Aside from your browser history, have you checked your YouTube history? I find that easier for videos, as you get thumbnails which can remind you. Secondly, can you remember if it was a long or short video? And what else you remember from the video besides cowboy boots
  13. Archipelago

    PER - SIN - DXB on different tickets

    No need to clear immigration. On arrival, head to one of the Transfer Counters inside the terminal. Give them your baggage tags and the onward flight details and they'll arrange the bags to be intercepted and re tagged for the onward flight.
  14. Archipelago

    Cockroaches and other insects on aircraft

    Sorry for ignorance - 47K & iA??
  15. Archipelago

    UK Passport question

    https://www.gov.uk/check-british-citizenship Apologies, this was the link I should have posted first And yes either parent....
  16. Archipelago

    UK Passport question

    Yup ^ this And is it still paternal parent only? (I got my UK passport as my father was born in the UK)
  17. Archipelago

    UK Passport question

    You can apply for a UK Ancestry visa if you: are a Commonwealth citizen. are applying from outside the UK. are able to prove that one of your grandparents was born in the UK. are able and planning to work in the UK. meet the other eligibility requirements. https://www.gov.uk/ancestry-visa
  18. Archipelago

    Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Stopover Tips

    Tip for transiting from Int-Dom in KLIA. There is a Malaysian Airlines Golden Regional Lounge in the main concourse (not the Satellite one) accessible for international departures. It is an alternative to the main international lounge in the Satellite terminal. As an added tip - if arriving on...
  19. Archipelago

    Things only acceptable in an airport

    Anecdote 1. Walking around in Pyjamas I had a private jet departure late evening out of XXX (A major, tourist busy SE Asian airport, which I won't name to keep the greater details anonymous). Family group who had been VIP holidaying nearby. Guests arrived in vans, but didn't realise there was...
  20. Archipelago

    Questions about regulations regarding taking off and landing.

    In that case never show my post above and carry on. ;)