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  1. JohnM

    A Kalbarri kaleidoscope

    Time to hit the road again. Tomorrow morning it’s off to Kalbarri, at the mouth of the Murchison River, for a few days. Noted for wildflowers, rugged coast and river gorges (Kalbarri: Things to do in Kalbarri | Australia's Coral Coast, Kalbarri | Explore Parks WA | Parks and Wildlife Service)...
  2. JohnM

    A circuit around the WA mid-west

    Time to hit the road again. Tomorrow, I’m heading north into the WA Murchison-Gascoyne-Goldfields for about 2.5 weeks to chase the sun, outback scenery, some hiking and wildflowers. Here’s the general plan – outward-bound and inward-bound, respectively. Again, to be filled in upon return...
  3. JohnM

    A brief Karri-on at Pembie

    Tomorrow morning, it’s off ‘down south’ to Pemberton (aka ‘Pembie’) (Pemberton, Western Australia - Wikipedia, Pemberton Visitor Centre - Home, https://www.westernaustralia.com/en/Destination/Pemberton/56b266c4aeeeaaf773cf965f) in the heart of Karri (Eucalyptus diversicolor) country for the...
  4. JohnM

    WAy outback art, Wave Rock and a canter along the Tin Horse Highway

    A week or so ago it was once again time to hit the road in WA – the PERfect bastion of Covid-19 freedom. :cool: :)🤙 No pox-ridden Easterners allowed. :mad:😜 This trip, over five days, followed this route: Target destinations were Antony Gormley’s ‘Inside Australia’ sculptures at Lake...
  5. JohnM

    Escape to the Coral Coast

    With the intrastate travel restrictions in WA now gone, it getting a bit cold in the south and with school holidays looming in two weeks, It's time to shoot through to somewhere warm before it turns into a zoo. So, at sparrow's tomorrow I'm heading north on WA's Coral Coast for nearly two...
  6. JohnM

    Briefly escaping the intra-state WA travel restrictions

    Well, seeing I'm supposed to be a week or so into a 13-week DONE4, but most unlikely to be going anywhere overseas this year, I put into action a plan that has been lurking in the back of my mind for the last year or two: to change my sedan for a 4WD. The week before Easter, I poked around the...
  7. JohnM

    Not shipwrecked or mutinying, waving - from the Abrolhos Islands

    A few weeks ago, I tipped up the bucket and shook out the ever-mounting list of bits and pieces, looking for something to do. Ah-ha - a visit to the Abrolhos Islands has been sitting in there for quite a while but keeps getting forgotten. Better knock that off. The Houtman Abrolhos Islands...
  8. JohnM

    On The Highway To Hell

    This TR does not involve any flying and only very little physical travel. Nevertheless, it’s a trip of sorts… This year is the 40th anniversary of the untimely death of AC/DC singer Bon Scott – born in Scotland, came to Australia at the age of six and then settled in PERth – well, Freo. – and...
  9. JohnM

    A PERfect day at Rotto

    Today my younger son, his 3.5yo son and I took the ferry from Fremantle (err, Freo to the uninitiated…) to Rottnest Island (err, Rotto to the uninitiated…) for a boys’ day. My older son and his mate brought their newly-acquired centre-console boat over independently. Rotto’s here: Now...
  10. JohnM

    Why is QF10 PER-MEL showing as an A330 on 28 April 2020?

    Does anyone have any idea as to why QF10 PER-MEL is showing as being operated by an A330 on 28 April 2020? The days either side show the normal B789. It strikes me as puzzling that QF is already planning on subbing the aircraft operating the DOM sector so specifically this far out.
  11. JohnM

    The Galapagos of the Southern Ocean

    Tomorrow it’s onto the bird to head over to CHC xBNE to start a voyage on Sunday from DUD to the Southern Ocean for almost two weeks. Destination: the Subantarctic Islands of New Zealand and Macquarie Island, and touted as the Galapagos of the Southern Ocean. The return will be to IVC, then to...
  12. JohnM

    Latest iOS great for shrinking photos

    For the iSheep. One of my frustrations while travelling, especially in developing countries, is slow WiFi which makes loading peeps’ pic-heavy TRs quite painfully slow at times. For those using iPhones, the latest iOS (V13.x) finally has the inbuilt capability to choose small-large file size...
  13. JohnM

    Will a no-show on one flight void the subsequent flight on a multi-city?

    I have made a two-sector multi-city domestic el-cheapo flight booking on Air India. The sectors are separated by three days. Online changes are not permitted. My unrelated incoming international flight has now been rescheduled to arrive too late to make the first sector. If I don’t show for...
  14. JohnM

    Gallivanting the globe 2019 - RTW and then some

    Come Wednesday, it’s on the bird PER-SYD for sector 1 of this year’s DONE4, for 17 weeks of varied travel, returning mid-October. On top of the core DONE4, I have a slew of side flights for a total of 30 sectors and 60,591 miles. This is my 15th successive annual DONEx (that does include an...
  15. JohnM

    US to require social media details from all visa applicants

    This snippet: U.S. Now Requiring Social Media Details From All Visa Applicants also popped up on the ABC news tonight. I've got nothing to hide and my social media footprint is as small as it is boring, but I'm wondering how it will impact on someone like me who already has a US Visa instead of...
  16. JohnM

    Historic Maylands Aerodrome, Perth

    It was a PERfect afternoon for a walk today. A few hundred metres from my home is the Maylands Aerodrome Commemorative Park, the site of Perth's first permanent aerodrome. There's quite a lot of historical significance and visits by iconic aviators. I though some peeps may be interested in...
  17. JohnM

    A Chile chill with a Uruguay and Argentina topping

    This little jaunt had its genesis on 19 April 2018 when I received a PM (‘conversation’ in new parlance) from @juddles, touching base. He and I first made personal contact when he very generously helped me out with some internal flight bookings in Colombia and invited me to spend a weekend with...
  18. JohnM

    Kimberley Wet aerial safari

    Tomorrow morning it's on the bird to DRW before heading out on Wednesday morning to the Kimberley for five nights on this loop: There won't be much in the way of comms out there, so most of the TR will be after I return home.
  19. JohnM

    A brief loop around SW WA

    Last Saturday week I drove to the WA Goldfields to help my son and his staff move vehicles and equipment from a workcamp about 80 km south of Coolgardie to a new location about 200 km north of Coolgardie. That operation took 3.5 days in two trips before I peeled off half way through the third...
  20. JohnM

    Has anyone used a visa-processing agency?

    I am considering a trip to a rather, err make that very, unusual destination next year. I will need a visa which I don't expect to be problematic in being granted. However, it will not be very practical for me to do the application and handling myself so I'll need to use a visa-processing...