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    QF domestic metal, BA codeshare, possible to hop on an earlier flight?

    I've just posted this question on flyertalk. I know there is a big overlap in the communities, but I'll post here as well to catch those who don't go to FT. Our corporate travel agent has booked me CBR-SYD-LHR on BA, with CBR-SYD obviously on QF metal with a BA codeshare. The connection in...
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    Boarding by groups on JQ

    I have yet to have the pleasure of flying JQ, but I'm sure it will be an issue one day. In a now-closed thread, thadocta posted the following: Can someone enlighten me as to how many boarding groups there are and how pax are allocated to the groups? It sounds like status is one of the...
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    Tip: How to avoid long taxi queues at MEL airport

    A couple of weeks ago I was forced to fly on Virgin Blue instead of QF to Melbourne. I was on the early flight, arriving around 7:30 am. When I exited the terminal I walked to the taxi rank, which had no-one waiting. As I approached the curb a passing taxi ducked in and picked me up. We...