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    AmEx cards issued by banks

    Hi there, I wonder if someone(s) can help me identify the issuing bank(s) for some AmEx cards. There are three AmEx cards starting with 377749xxxx that show up in my credit report as 'open', but I know I have closed ALL my AmEx cards years/months ago (the last lot were closed late last year)...
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    Suggestions for intra-EU (HAM to AYT)

    Hi there, I am looking for flights from Hamburg to Antalya in April for 3 people. I have been using various online tools over the past couple of days (ITA, Google flights, etc), but I cannot find any flights with reasonable costs. Any suggestion on using points? I have a reasonable stash of...
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    Points expiry

    Would a kind soul tell me how to look up expiry date of my Marriott points on their web site please?
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    QF enforcing 3 hour checkin time limit at MEL?

    I tried to check in for QF35 this morning at MEL. I was told by multiple agents (including in the First class check-in room) that I was too early and they only open the check in 3 hours prior to flights (3.5 hours for A380 flights). I know this has been widely known as a general rule, but many...
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    Clicking through QF site to Apple academic site?

    Hi there, I understand if I login to QF web site and click through to Apple, I’ll get 2x QF points per dollar (I have checked and the computer I am interested in does indeed qualify). My question is, if I click on “shop for university” and buy from there, do I still qualify to get the QF...
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    Most convenient way LHR-LCY?

    Hi there, Later this year I am flying BA to LHR, with my onward flight departing LCY. What is the cheapest/fastest/most convenient way to go from LHR to LCY? Also of note, I'll arrive about 4:50AM on a weekday and I have about 3.5 hours to get to LCY. Thanks in advance.
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    Yet another "enhancement"

    This is what I just received (no explanation needed) :-( Dear hossein.au, We know how important it is for you to be rewarded when you fly. It's also important that the reward should reflect the value of your fare. So, we're making changes to how you earn in the air. It's all about...
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    What web site people use for intra-Europe cheap flights?

    Hi there, Last night I was checking some intra-Europe flights for April this year. I checked the usual web sites I have used in the past (.br, .eu, etc). Based on numerous previous advice here on AFF I also consulted Matrix ITA. To my surprise I found some flights on SkyScanner (Australian...
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    Places to see in Rome?

    My partner and I will be in Rome in about 4 weeks. This is our first time there and we're keen to see and do as much as possible in the 3 days we'll be there. Any suggestion is most appreciated. Cheers.
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    Flying Virgin Atlantic. Where to credit the points?

    Hi there, Earning points flying Virgin Atlantic, where is the best place to credit the points to? KrisFlyer? Virgin Australia? MH? Qatar?