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  1. mannej

    State border closures illegal under the highest law in the country?

    Movement regarding the WA Border today - changes from 14 November.
  2. mannej

    Qantas cuts points, status; hikes upgrades on some domestic fares

    This would have been flying on a QFF Partner right?
  3. mannej

    Qantas Wellbeing app: sluggish?

    Seems to be back online
  4. mannej

    Perth/Broome Plane Change

    Domestically speaking, award seats are upgradable provided there is availability, however it isn’t a cheap exercise points wise.
  5. mannej

    QANTAS Travel Money Card rip-off

    Exchange Hotel Stay for flight - it is the same thing.
  6. mannej

    FB missing points claim process is antiquated

    FB can be fairly responsive on Facebook if you have access to that.
  7. mannej

    QANTAS Travel Money Card rip-off

    I would suggest that there is no issue here, the claw-back is as per the T&C's as much as it sucks.
  8. mannej

    Ask The Pilot

    Whilst not wanting to answer for jb747, but to me it reads as if it is for each aircraft inbetween OEE and OEJ, not those two aircraft in isolation.
  9. mannej

    Angry about proposed travel ban exemption for footballers

    Hardly an issue - a number of competitions/sporting organisations either have clean stadium requirements or contractual obligations. For example Optus is called Perth Stadium for the cricket, and HBF Park is called Perth Rectangular Stadium for FIFA/AFC matches.
  10. mannej

    Angry about proposed travel ban exemption for footballers

    Just because you haven't been successful in looking for reports of breaches, doesn't mean there aren't any. I would argue that this is worse given her position of trust - Northern suburbs dentist ‘breached quarantine to work’
  11. mannej

    Current Business Class Domestic Service?

    Wouldn’t it be sparkling, not champagne on that route?
  12. mannej

    QF Final 747 flights - SYD, BNE & CBR

    Qantaslink do operate the A320 via Network.
  13. mannej

    Feeling very uninspired by Flybuys these days

    No different to WoW Rewards, a number of their offers start the day after the e-mail being sent. It pays to check.
  14. mannej

    State border closures illegal under the highest law in the country?

    These two situations are not mutually exclusive - the business owner can also be a concerned family member. I also think that it is dangerous the discount the mental health concerns of one subset of the population over another.
  15. mannej

    The future of flying todays Perth to Sydney

    Hasn't there been commentary on the effectiveness of gloves, and the potential for cross contamination if not replaced regularly enough? The example I seem to recall is that of at the check-out, of the staff not packing pre-used grocery bags but not changing gloves in between customers.
  16. mannej

    Flight Centre refunds for cancelled flights

    Pomona, I'd suggest you remove the PNR from your post, as the personal identifying information isn't required for your post.
  17. mannej

    Long wait for refund for cancelled reward flights Qantas - a common experience?

    There is a thread already discussing the speed of reward booking refunds
  18. mannej

    Qantas call centre

    Honestly - first world problems :rolleyes:
  19. mannej

    Use of OOL by NSW residents to access NNSW

    Not sure what is being reported in QLD, but WA copping no flak? McGowan has been involved in a very public spit with some AFL media personalities over keeping the borders shut.
  20. mannej

    State border closures illegal under the highest law in the country?

    WA steps aren’t consistent with the national steps. For example restaurants can host 20 currently (National step 2), playgrounds aren’t currently open (National step 1), and places like beauty salons have been told they are step 3/4 whereas Nationally it is part of step 2. The inconsistencies...