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    David Jones AMEX Platinum - 60,000 Points

    Well the world may be coming to an end but that doesn’t mean that credit card sign up bonuses have to as well! Presenting….. The David Jones AMEX Platinum Card – brought to you by my very own referral link: DJs AMEX Platinum - Referral Link Sign up by 8 April for an excellent 60,000 Amex MR...
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    Hino Advantage Rewards - 8,000 Velocity Points Upon Joining

    Anyone signed up to this at all? Saw it pop up on Facebook a couple of times so took a quick look and haven’t been able to find any actual spend requirement (may have missed it). 8,000 velocity points for joining. Appears to be some kind of truck/machinery spare parts company. Promo has been...
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    Applying For But Not Activating Card

    Does anyone have any experience with applying and being approved for but not actually taking out/activating a card? Specifically how it affects your eligibility for sign up bonuses? Background: Mrs NoName has gone rogue and applied for the DJs AMEX in store without consultation. Obviously I...
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    USA Reloaded - Vegas, Hiking, NYC - QF/SQ (F & Suite)

    Thumb twiddling and general procrastination has meant that it is now 6 months since I took this trip. With only a couple of months until another northern summer it seems appropriate to finally get around to reporting back to the forum. So without further adieu I give you USA Reloaded.... We...
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    Flight Change - What Are My Options

    Hi all, Just received an email notification of a change to my fight on Air Vanuatu BNE-VLI at the end of June. Assuming the flight has been cancelled as they have rebooked us on another flight 24hrs later. This seems like an unacceptable change to me. What are my options likely to be here...
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    AVIS - Faulty GPS

    Looking for suggestions on how best to approach this. Hired a car from LAS a few weeks ago and added a GPS at pickup. It was some unit in cell phone rather than your traditional Garmin or whatever. Lady at the desk confirmed that it would work in areas without cell coverage which was very...
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    Departure Time Discrepency

    This may well be a stupid question so apologies in advance. I have a booking from LAX-LAS on AA booked with QFF Pts. Emailed itinerary has booking listed as confirmed. In the manage booking section of the QF side (as well as emailed itinerary) the departure time is 10:35am. If I search the QF...
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    NoNames European Vacation (Paris, Italy, Zurich)

    The NoNames have just returned from Italy and it would be remiss of me not to report back to the forum. And so...... So the trip was a bit more localised and a bit less Griswald-ish than the first part of the title would indicate but as we all know, drawing a crowd of gawkers to ensure maximum...
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    United Transcon F - 777-200 or 757-200?

    Looking at SFO-EWR in F and see they have flights on either a 777-200 or 757-200 (mainly the latter). Looking at all the different seat maps on Seatguru hurts my head. Which ones should I be looking at in this case? Does anyone have any experience on one of these transcon routes and can offer...
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    AMEX Life Insurance - 20k pt Bonus

    I received this promo in the mail a few weeks ago and have just confirmed that it is still available. 20,000 pt bonus for new life policies. Pts credited up to 8 weeks after the first premium is paid although they told me generally it will credit within a week. First month premium is waived...
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    Leaving Aus With >$10k

    I know there is the requirement to declare if you are carrying more than $10k when leaving Australia but what is the actual process when doing this? Is it simply a matter of telling immigration how much you have and the reason and then you are on your way? Or is it likely to involve more than...
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    QF AMEX Ultimate Card - 100k bonus

    Just saw this on the AMEX website. T&C says correct as at 15 Nov so assuming it's only happened today? If it's already been posted somewhere mods feel free to delete. https://m.americanexpress.com/au/content/frequent-flyer-cards/qantas-ultimate/ At $450 annual fee with a free domestic flight...
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    Home Loan Sweeteners

    Currently looking at refinancing a home loan and wanting to know people’s experience with getting banks to throw in anything to sweeten the deal, specifically frequent flyer points. I know NAB have their 250k velocity point offer so not really talking about them in this case. As an example...
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    The Mother Of All Debacles

    Can anyone beat this? I'm sure someone can but this is worth venting over IMO. Arrived at LAX on QF93 in F this morning. Great shower and relaxing breakfast at the F lounge before wandering over to terminal 4 for my 11:10am LAX-LAS flight. Can't see the flight on the board. When I ask I'm told...
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    The United States Of Eating - US (and Toronto) Aug/Sep 2016

    The time is almost upon us! The time for the expansion of stomachs and the avoiding of weighing scales! As the departure date has drawn steadily closer, the excitement and anticipation has continued to build and is now almost uncontrollable! But before we get on the plane we must get to the...
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    Adding Another Leg to a Booking

    Can I add another leg to a classic award and have them joined together? Currently have MEL-LAX on QF in F and am thinking I might prefer to fly to Vegas rather than Drive. Can I simply ring up and have LAX-LAS on AA added to the booking (same day and there is current availability)? Points cost...
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    To YYZ - From LAX or SFO?

    Travelling on AA domestic to YYZ and have the choice of departing from LAX or SFO. Which would you choose given the following: - Both on award tickets in F connecting through ORD - LAX would be on A321 while SFO would be on 738. - Both are late night departures just before midnight. Things...
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    Award Booking - Changing to Earlier Flight

    Have booked and award using QF pts SYD-YYZ with LAX-YYZ being on AA metal. All flights in F. There is approx 6hrs layover in LAX as I couldn't book anything earlier for the final leg. My question is, will AA allow me to move to an earlier flight on the day if there happens to be availability...
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    Award Copayment Question

    I have noticed that the copayment for award flights is more expensive if booked as two one ways than of booked return on the one ticket. As an example a quick search of BNE-LAX gives AUD427.96 in Y booked as a return while booked as two one ways I get AUD248.83 + USD383.89 which works or around...
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    BNE or PER Domestic Qantas Club

    Have two of the complimentary passes to use on an upcoming trip to Perth with the boss and wondering what the opinions are about which lounge we should use them in? If it makes a difference the BNE departure is around 8pm while the return flight from PER is the red eye.