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    Automated Aerobridge?

    Do we ever see a day when we will have aerobridges that automatically extend to an aircraft at the command of the flight deck?
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    The seat mate chat

    I always grab an isle seat so when I am getting settled in on an ultra long haul like Mel>Lax I'll always greet my window seatmate with a little chat like: "This is a really long flight. If you need to get up don't worry. Just ask and I'll get out of your way. If you need to wake me up, that's...
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    Split class booking

    In September I want to fly QF/EK from MEL to AMS. The budget for this business trip is to fly W from MEL to DXB and J on EK from DXB to AMS and return. Can I book this online, on the phone or are bookings of this type not allowed? Thanks in anticipation for your answers.