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  1. Turbo-g

    QantasLink centralises 717 maintenance facilities to Melbourne, rejigs fleet bases in preparation for border openings

    Interesting point is the 717 was good for some of the WA inland FIFO sites but places like PBO can't handle the 737, and with the heat coming again the performance is compromised in most Pilbara locations. Are they going to poverty pack the newbies? Always laughed at people grabbing the...
  2. Turbo-g

    What are the chances of 'Enhanced' services globally post Covid-19

    How will the airlines recover from post Covid-19 and will they continue to deliver the existing services we value? With crude oil at a low price and historically a time airlines deliver discounted fares will the airlines undercut and maintain their FF programs to get the customer or will they...
  3. Turbo-g

    Make an offer to upgrade on your flight to Sydney. How many emails is enough?

    If my partner finds out about this technology i'm toast! I usually just read the first email but then spend the next few days deleting the rest
  4. Turbo-g

    Qantas law unto themselves - don't waste your time with ACA complaint

    For $800+ i certainly would to make sure this doesn't happen..the 05.15 to PBO is my regular
  5. Turbo-g

    QF Unable to check in online

    i had a similar issue where the check in counter staff said that there was no gender linked to the booking, couldn't process online?? And to think they need to know??
  6. Turbo-g

    New pay per use lounge for PER

    I wonder if they will have a 'Suitable Attire Policy' and if so will it be enforced? The Bali flights will put his to the test?
  7. Turbo-g

    Amazing service from ADL security

    Just goes to show some common sense and a customer focused approach to your job does make a difference. Reminds me of a time i had a staple remover pincer style in a bag and the security (PER) went ballistic, literally, over the fact that i had the audacity to try such a maneuver...
  8. Turbo-g

    Longest time to get Lifetime Silver??

    I joined QFF in 1994 however took and irregular flying takes a long time to get some status. From late 2008 to mid 2013 I achieve LTS, mainly due to work and I have continued to aquire status. I am presently at 9005 due to a different job role which removed my need to fly so often, the...
  9. Turbo-g

    Does WP guest for Qantas F lounge need to be on same flight?

    Well...the only new thing i've picked up in this thread is that durbrain has lifted his post count, go boy!
  10. Turbo-g

    Guesting strangers into the lounge

    I too have invited various people into the lounge. Whilst at Perth International QF lounge a lady with laptop and books etc trying to get organised was offered the opportunity but she looked me up and down and said "Maybe next time.." Well i had to chuckle as i thought to myself good luck...
  11. Turbo-g

    Woolworths backflips - QF points are coming back

    The latest image of QFF members leaving the Woolworths program, recognise anyone?
  12. Turbo-g

    Terrible Qantas / EK experience (MEL-DXB-CDG / LHR-MEL in J)

    and avoiding the dreaded Dubai 'no information' pit. After a recent trip through there again we also experienced the Emirates care factor when dealing with Qantas issues. "Qantas, what does Qantas mean to us...Who is this Qantas?. As per Dubai Connect fortunately we have young Mr Turbo living...
  13. Turbo-g

    Changes Coming to AA Frequent Flyer Program

    I'm interested in which executive from Qantas has recently moved to the US and landed a cream job in the AA Frequent Flyer Program?
  14. Turbo-g

    Virgin and Jetstar cancel Bali flights due to Volcanic eruptions

    Of an interesting note, having flown on CX171 HKG-PER many times , please have a look at the flight paths taken. We usually cross over Bali but there have been some quite significant diversions in place. Not all Asia based carriers will punch through it. Flightradar24.com - Live flight tracker!
  15. Turbo-g

    Non-Stop Flights

    And if i do can i get the chance to share the knowledge from the jump seat? With all the technology available I'd love the call to come across the cabin " Does anybody have any string on board?"
  16. Turbo-g

    Qantas Delays/Cancellations

    I was on QF2 and sat in Muscat as described, eventually missing our connection to Perth with Mrs Turbo, eventually returning to PER on QF8420 (EK420) on 7th October, so an unplanned 2 day stop over in DXB.
  17. Turbo-g

    Woolworths reviewing partnership with Qantas Frequent Flyer.

    1 fuel discount with $0 dollars balance...sounds like my credit card...anyway time to grab my last 4c/L trade off and fly away to the UK, does Waitrose doing a QFF deal?? ;)
  18. Turbo-g

    BA 777 on fire at LAS

    Exactly, except on my VA flight yesterday afternoon, where the attendant recited the emergency action briefing to the front rows but not us seated in the second emergency rows. She was somewhat rushed but we all stopped her and made her recite it to us, much to her shock, not sure if the shock...
  19. Turbo-g

    BA 777 on fire at LAS

    This is also a time to reflect and be thankful for the experience and control of all the crew on the aircraft. For all those people who've chastised and abused the 'trolley dollies' for not realising their meal tray should be removed or their drinks weren't cold enough-remember- we are paying...