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  1. Altair

    Airpoints programme "refresh" on earn rates

    Some people may not notice this but NZ in the last email sent has notified members that NZ is changing "refreshing" the earn rates for APD and SP. Old rates calculator New rates calculator So like most airlines FFP NZ is reducing the number or points from flying.:evil:
  2. Altair

    The true cost of flying (for airlines) - article/video

    I thought this might be interesting to us. It is about the small margins that airlines have regarding the low fare ticket brackets. Full article and link to video on NZHerald.co.nz
  3. Altair

    New Route JQ WLG-DUD?

    I saw a Jetstar Hop on Hop off advert on youtube that had WLG-DUD for $49.:confused: Does anyone know when JQ announced this route? I just spent a fortune on NZ fares for the family as the alternatives were JQ WLG-AKL-DUD as separate sectors or Kiwi Regional Air but many separate sectors.
  4. Altair

    Air NZ to offer 'free' upgrades [LHR-LAX, 17-20 Mar, Fashion Promo]

    Sorry click bait title but an interesting onboard promotion. Full story on stuff.co.nz
  5. Altair

    EK now nonstop DXB to AKL

    EK has just announced EK448/449 DXB-AKL non-stop on a 777-200LR to beat the potential QR flight. http://www.emirates.com/nz/English/about/media-centre/2963686/the-non-stop-service-to-auckland-will-be-operated-by-a-boeing-777-200lr-aircraft Eastbound - EK 448, depart DXB 10:05 and arrive in AKL...
  6. Altair

    Air New Zealand rolling out 14 new domestic Koru lounges

    Some good news as the Koru Clubs have started to look a little worn and I never liked the rattan seats that were part of the "Bach" décor. Full story on stuff.co.nz
  7. Altair

    AirlineRatings.com - Best 10 Airlines by Class

    So the 2015 list has been released by this site. Top 10 for each class, listed alphabetically are: Full article on AirlineRatings.com What I find interesting is that Emirates only get best 10 in first class, which IMO is pretty average not exceptional unless on the A380 with the spa. What are...
  8. Altair

    Final 737 Flight (6/9/2015)

    For those NZ domestic flyers you may not know but the final 737 revenue flights are today. NZ405 AKL0700 – 0800WLG 733 NZ412 WLG0835 – 0935AKL 733 NZ441 AKL1050 – 1150WLG 733 NZ448 WLG1230 – 1330AKL 733 NZ521 AKL1410 – 1530CHC 733 NZ532 CHC1635 – 1755AKL 733 NZ557 AKL1835 – 1955CHC 733 This...
  9. Altair

    Investor Day Presentation

    Has anyone else read this presentation? Qantas Investor Day 12 May 2105 I found some interesting points especially about fututre plans such as the flight disruption service via the Qantas apps, shorter turn around times (dual door boarding but also improved cabin bag management), increased...
  10. Altair

    New seat design wins Crystal Cabin award

    This is an interesting idea but I wonder if status passengers will now think of this seat as a premium benefit, although it will be at the rear of the economy cabin? Full story on stuff.co.nz Also note on the =2861&tx_ttnews[backPid]=153&cHash=9fb0771e2d"]Crystal Cabins website has more on the...
  11. Altair

    Air New Zealand adds Houston to its route map

    NZ has announced this morning its long anticipated 4th US destination, George Bush Intercontinnental Airport, Houston, Texas. Service to to begin with a 777-200ER from Auckland Airport starting in December. Full story at nzherald.co.nz
  12. Altair

    A380 gets suites, flat beds

    Not much detail of course but hints of changes to economy. No mention of premium economy though. A380 gets suites, flat beds | Herald Sun
  13. Altair

    Push to add $30 climate fee to domestic flights

    How is this to help? I do not trust the government to collect "environmental taxes" and to spend it. If one or two people per flight do not get on the plane because of the increased cost, does it reduce the CO2 emmissions? I think not beyond a miniscule amount, flights need to be cancelled or...
  14. Altair

    Honeymoon in the Moorish World

    Well I could not hold off not posting and the trip report is not close to finished but the honeymoon is.:( I will post a reply for each flight and city visited but it may take a while to finish. I will not only just talk about the travel but also share my observations and thoughts. Also if...
  15. Altair

    OW Ruby Benefitg Question

    I just wanted to know if the QF Silver benefit of using the Business Class check in is a OW Ruby benefit. My wife, an AA Gold, and I QF Silver will be flying Iberian on Tuesday and wanted to know if we can by pass the economy mad house and use the business class check in? The QF site is a bit...
  16. Altair

    Not an Op-Up on AA

    It appears times are changing and AA has reduced the AA experience some more. What are other people's thoughts regarding this? Airline opens first-class loo to economy passengers - Travel - smh.com.au
  17. Altair

    $ value of a QF FFP

    I know that there has been some talk about how much value an FFP is, I think it was in the mega-long QF takeover thread. I have been shopping around for FX deals, notice the sharp drop in the value of the Kiwi $ as soon as I started this, in reference to the Altair factor or (Altair Axiom) I...
  18. Altair

    QP Renewal Question

    I have a bit of a dilema. My QP membership ends at the end of this month while my QFF year ends May. It is 99.9% sure that I will qualify for SG this year, a WLG-AKL(stop)-SYD(stop)-AKL-WLG trip late April/May will guarantee it. What I would like to know is this, if I let my QP lapse and I get...
  19. Altair

    Virgin eyes new routes as profits rise 81%

    Virgin eyes new routes as profits rise 81% - Business - Business - smh.com.au
  20. Altair

    QF I Fares from NZ

    I just checked, in line with the current special offer, it appears that there are I fares available from NZ to Australia. If booking from Australia the I fares are not appearing. NZ has not, yet, matched it.