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    Email for complaints

    Is there an email address for Velocity complaints. I know that there is a section on the Website but these just gets the auto "we are very sorry about your experience reply"
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    LAX Connecting flight time

    So looking at flying out of LAX with SQ at 14.20 anyone have any thoughts on arriving via AC at 11.35 same day. That leaves 2.45min. Can I checkin to the SQ flight in YVR before leaving as they are *A. I have very limited knowalage of how *A work or what a transfer though LAX is like. Any...
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    Sydney to Auckland chances of offer to upgrade and costs

    Hi All, Going to Auckland next month and tossing up between LAN J for about $700 and Emirates in Y for $500 and hoping for an upgrade offer. My understanding is that Sydney to Auckland is normally a very low load fight, Does anyone have experience with the changes of an offer and cost? Would...
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    Virgin Australia’s ‘Design our Next Dish’ Competition

    Virgin Australia’s ‘Design our Next Dish’ Competition So I am sure most people here are not at all interested in this competition however I have been following it closely. Being a lover of all things food I was interested in the outcome and although I thought the prize pool was pretty sad it...
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    Triple points promotion

    Hello Velocity Frequent Flyer, I booked a flexi fare during the triple points promotion and have since had to change the dates (Still within the promotion period dates) will I still receive the bonus points? Many Thanks
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    NZ Reward Qantas Tax's

    Hi Guys, Can anyone help me, I am interested to know what the tax's would be on the below flights. As I don't have enough points I can't get that info. Your Flights1 Adult Flight Out From To Flight Travel Class Award Type Baggage Wed 29 Apr 15 07:50SydneyDuration: 3h 10m 13:00AucklandStops...
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    First Class

    Hi All, With the new VA to KF transfer I am looking at cancelling half of our 2015 Europe trip with Etihad and flying back with Singapore swaping our business class for first class. For a couple traveling with a 9 month old (she travels very well and I promise if you are on our flight she will...
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    Points per $

    Hi All, I was just interested in hearing about any big Velocity points per $ people have experienced. I recently had a cracker and wanted to see how it stood up. $797 Spent with Agoda = 10759 Velocity Points 2391 in Agoda base points 2391 in double points (Promotion) 2391 in Platinum tier...
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    Booking Singapore reward flight with an Infant

    Hi All, I notice when you select redeem reward flight that the infant box get's locked. Does this mean you can not travel with an infant on a reward fare or just that you need to call and have the infant added. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Singapore Rewards Waitlist

    Hi All, Maybe I am just having a man look but I am really struggling to find any information about Singapore Reward Saver Waitlists. If anyone could assist with the below questions it would be very helpful. - Do you need to actually have to have the required points to book a waitlist reward? -...
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    Air New Zealand "Regional Lounge" access for Velocity Platinum

    I over heard a Velocity Platinum member being rejected access to the Queenstown Air NZ lounge because he had two teenage children and his wife with him. He was informed by the lounge staff that no one is allowed to bring in more than one guest in "Regional Lounges" I left really bad for the guy...
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    Virgin and South African Airways

    Hi Guys, Not a big poster so I hope this is in the right place. Can anyone tell me how to find out what class a Code-Share flight would be in? I am looking at booking Brisbane to Johannesburg via South African Airways with the Brisbane to Perth leg being with Virgin Australia however before...
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    Misquoted Points

    Hi All, Long term frequent flyer, first time posting! My question is, has anyone ever managed to escalate a complaint with Velocity? I was misquoted the amount of points required for a Brisbane to Vietnam flight when I called their Customer Help desk (WHY DOES VELOCITY OUTSORCE IT'S...