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    How many split payments at Australia Post?

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is a limit on how many eftpos gift cards I can use to pay a bill at Australia Post? ie. Can I pay a $6000 bill using 30 x $200 eftpos gift cards? Thanks
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    How long after reducing credit limit will this be reflected on credit file?

    One and a half months ago, I reduced my Citibank free for life credit limit to the minimum $15,000 and closed a credit card from a different bank (total over $50,000 reduction in my available credit). I did this as I intend to apply for the St George bank credit card and want to increase my...
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    Samsonite Scooter unveiled for exec on the move

    I just saw this article on the News website. Quite a cool invention, but maybe not so practical: Samsonite Scooter unveiled for exec on the move | News.com.au Who here will be the first to buy & post a pic of them on it?
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    Taking Aus duty free bought alcohol through HK airport

    Hi, I want to buy a bottle of absinthe from sydney duty free to Taipei. I'm transiting through Hong Kong. I don't believe Hong Kong sells absinthe. Will it be possible to take it through security? I checked the Hong Kong airport website and it said it may be possible if it's from a...
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    Difficulties booking CX Award flights through Qantas

    As QFF website usually doesn't show CX award flights, I usually check Asia miles website first to find appropriate awards and then call Qantas to book. The last two times I have successfully done this on both occassions I needed to call Qantas two or three times to do it as the first person I...
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    What to do with Citibank points - I want to change to Qantas direct earn

    Hi, I don't use my Citibank card that much anymore due to the points capping, but with the increase in the Qantas direct earn fee to $49, I have decided to quickly change my card to Qantas direct earn so I can get 1 year at the $19 rate. However I have 400,000 Citibank points and am not sure...
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    insure4less Annual Travel Insurance - from $191

    Hi, Just seeing if anyone has any experience with insure4less who seem to be one of the cheapest annual travel insurance providers. Using the code AMT when getting a quote, these are the prices for annual travel insurance: Essentials - $191.25 Excel - $237.15 Excel Plus - $283.90 Apart from...
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    New Cheap Card to get Cash Overseas - Wizard Alternative

    I was having a look at the new ING Savings Account - the Orange Everyday account (with a Visa Debit Card) which is promoted for having virtually no fees. Looking at the fees table, I noticed that the overseas ATM withdrawal charge is listed as $2.50 with no currency conversion charge. I...
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    One way flights - Problems with Check in staff

    Hi, I thought I would post about a problem I have had around 3 times. Often when I travel to Thailand for business I book award flights as BA has quite a bit of award availability. Often I am not sure how long I will stay and whether I will return directly to Australia or make a trip to...
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    Amex Promotion - 3.5 points per dollar spent until 31 Jan 2010

    Just received a postcard in the mail today from Amex. The promotion is 2 extra points for every dollar spent from registration date to 31 January 2010. Not a bad promotion. If you didn't get the postcard, try going to www.americanexpress.com.au/plus2bonus
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    Beware: Velocity HUGE Penalty Charges compared with Qantas

    I regularly redeem Qantas Award flights. I decided to have a look at redeeming Velocity Award flights. With Qantas you can change or cancel an award flight (up to 24 hours before the flight) and you only get charged 5000 points. I did a search on the Velocity website for flights on V...
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    A sting in the tail with $49 Tiger flight (article by Fairfax Travel writer)

    Hi, There is an interesting article written by Fairfax travel writer about his $49 Tiger fare turning into a much more expensive experience. See: http://www.smh.com.au/travel/traveller-tips/a-sting-in-the-tail-with-49-tiger-flight-20090909-fgu4.html
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    Why are Singapore Airlines Award Redemption Taxes/Charges so HIGH?

    I transferred points to SQ to book an award flight today. Luckily at the last minute before booking I double checked Qantas again and an award flight has been released today on the day I want to travel :) Flight was one way flight: SYD > BKK With SQ it stops for 2 hours or so in Singapore so...
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    Another Qantas Scare - tonight take off of QF41 to Jakarta

    Just spoke to someone who was on the aborted take off of this flight. Apparently the plane was midway down the runway when the plane experienced technical problems and braked hard to abort the take off. The passengers are now waiting for a new airplane (or possible for the plane to be fixed?)...
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    AFF Travel Agent Card

    I noticed this advertisement on AFF selling a book to become a travel agent in order to get special rates etc on hotels etc. http://www.frequentflyer.com.au/Travel_Secrets/ Anyone who has purchased this care to comment?
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    Will BA let me downgrade?

    Hi, I am wishing to book an award flight for myself and someone else. There is a flight with one seat available in Business class and one seat available in first class. I don't mind using the points for these, but I would prefer we were seated together. Do you think if at checkin I request...
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    Upgrading with QFF points, but crediting to AA

    Sorry if this has been posted before: I am about to book a QF economy domestic flight. I wish to apply for an upgrade with points, but I want to credit points/status to AA. Is the only way to do this, to use my QFF number when booking, and then ringing up Qantas after getting my boarding...
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    Tricks by AA with crediting points for flights

    I got tricked by the AA website, so I will make a post just in case others interpret the website like me. Be careful with the amount of points it states you earn with flying with partner airlines. Looking at the page for Qantas: "+titleText+" I assumed that for an airfare in booking class...
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    "Go" before you go

    By Guardian Unlimited - Guardian Newspapers 2006 Published: 11/30/2006 Skip the Toilet, Save the Planet, Says Airline Could it be the first flush of environmental awareness in China? One of the country's leading airlines has begun encouraging passengers to use the toilet before they board...
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    Citibank Travel Insurance

    Hello, I was just quickly looking through the PDS of the Citibank Gold card Travel Insurance, and I was quite surprised to find the following: "International Travel Insurance is a benefit available to Gold Cardholders who permanently reside in Australia when the person’s overseas return...