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    Points & SC's on a OneWorld RTW ticket

    Guys & Gals Some help please. In Sept / Oct I'm going to be doing the above, luckily enough in business class. I've pretty much figured it all out with my agent, however I'm wondering how many points & sc's [I'm a QFF] I'd earn for the following direct sectors: LA - LHR on BA LHR - IST - on...
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    24hrs in Japan, NRT.

    Afternoon All On the way to the US next week and using JAL for the first time. I've got 24hrs in NRT / by the airport somewhere. I've not been up to Japan before and would like to know what others get up to as they have o/nighters whilst transiting. I hear that Tokyo is about 2hrs away /...
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    JAL from SYD to SFO - experiences?

    'Evening All I'm off on my business travels again and this time I'm going on JAL. I've never used them before, so I'm in two minds. I'm pleased they're now in Oneworld and I'll benefit from points & credits etc. Will I get exactly the same amount of points / cabin bonus / status bonus [I'm QF...
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    What's the Malaysian Business Product like?

    Hello chums I'm flying to London next week with Malaysian for the first time in a long time. I've never flown business with them before and would welcome comment against the other products I've used. I've historically travelled this route with Qantas and BA, and used business up to HK with...
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    Tier 2 Business Class options??

    We've had a change of internal policy, and due to the amount of international flights we're taking as a business, we're switching from the Tier 1 products to Tier 2. Not being completely up on all things about air travel, I've been told, it means that we no longer use BA, Qantas, Singapore...
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    BA First or Virgin Upper Class

    For a trip from Sydney to London, I've got the choice of either of the products above. I've not flown either of them before, I have used BA's Club product but preferred the Qantas business product. Assumingly its not as clear cut as it looks, the info on the Virgin site would appear to make...
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    Is QFF about to pass away?

    I heard a rumour today that with the take over of Qantas, the FF program might have a short life when its all completed and the new owners have had time to settle in - and it might be prudent to start booking award flights with collected points. Has anyone else heard about this / got a comment...
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    Upgrading Success?

    Afternoon All Has anyone had any success upgrading themselves through the QFF website, from J to F? I've got a flight booked for early December back to the UK for Christmas and wouldn't mind splashing out 60,000 points for the experience, but wonder if many travellers have enjoyed this...
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    New Qantas Entertainment System

    I'm travelling to London in December this year currently with Qantas. I've recently just flown back from LA with them [to Sydney] and when I boarded they had installed their new entertainment system. Question is, does anyone know the roll out schedule? I travelled in J from LA and will again...
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    16b Qf31

    Is this seat the exit seat upstairs? Cheers
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    American Airlines Service

    Evening I'm travelling this weekend from LHR to NYC with AA, flight AA105 (BOEING 777) in D class. Anyone familiar with this service, what are the seats like, entertainment, food etc? Never flown with AA internationaly. Best wishes Nick
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    Help with lounges and World Cup 2nd round games!

    I'm an Englishman and am foolishly travelling on the 25th June from LHR to JFK on BA. I land in JFK @ 11:15 and the 2nd round game starts at 11:00 (subject to Eng getting a result against Sweden next Wednesday morning). I've got onward travel to RIC from LGA at 16:00 but I need to know if I've...
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    Help calculating SC's for US Trip

    Hello All Becasue I cant figure this out and believe me I've tried to use the milage site people keep recomending, I'm requesting the help of the board. I'd very much like to know what SC's I'd earn for the following trip I've got in a few weeks time, as I might change my flights and travel...
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    US Trip Status & Points Earn

    Hello All I've got the following trip booked. I'm in D class on QF and P Class on the AA flights. Could you give me an idea of the points and credits I could expect to earn from this trip? 25 Jun 06 - Sydney - San Francisco - QF073 25 Jun 06 - San Francisco – Dallas - AA658 25 Jun 06...
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    Need Help Tracking a SQ Flight

    Hi Chaps My sister-in-law with her 3 kids and husband arrive tomorrow morning @ 0555 on SQ221 - the witching hour! Does anyone know of any software / telephone numbers I can use to track the flight to see if it takes off on time / is delayed tonight? I've got to try to plan the...
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    What happens when you get Platinum status?

    I'm 100 sc's short of platinum status. I've got a trip to HK next week and fortunately I'm flying up in D class which will mean that I land having achieved the higher status. My question is, and sorry that this is the 2nd boring question in two days, does my return flight, 5 days later count...
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    Flying Business with Cathay Pacific

    Anybody got any recent experience between Sydney and Hong Kong? I'm travelling up at the end of the month and have never flown Cathay Pacific before. Rgs Nick
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    Giving up a D Class seat to another PAX

    I'm travelling to the UK this December, D Class, and my wife and 2 children are travelling back with me. Their tickets are S Class. My question is, when we all board what do you think my chances are of being able to share / swap my seat with my wife during the flight to help out or...
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    Difference Between Gold & Platinum

    Apart from the listed benefits, is there a real advantage to the average traveller getting to Platinum QFF status over Gold? Do you get better service? Does the average steward[es] know individual passenger statuses? Cheers PS - and also a question I've been meaning to ask for a long...
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    SC on BA flight

    I'm travelling on BA176 from New York to London in Jan next year. I'm, fortunately, going to be in Business class as part of a round the world ticket. I'm flying Qantas on the way to New York and then from London back home to Sydney. I can figure out the Qantas SCs but don't know how to figure...