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  1. lsmi4126

    Seat Allocation for non-Status & Different PNR

    Hi All, I'm looking for some sage advice. I'm 'escorting' my 90-odd year old grandparents to Perth later this month. I'm Gold, they hold no DJ status and I'm on a different PNR to them (with different return dates). I've been able to select my seat (7J), however on calling the 'Velocity Gold'...
  2. lsmi4126

    QF A380 Boarding Music

    Okay - I have a strange one here... Does anyone know / have a way of discovering the full track listing for the boarding music in economy on QF A380 that played in Feb 2011? I took the better half to the US with me on my Feb trip. When we returned, she noted in passing that the boarding music...
  3. lsmi4126

    Non-QF Booked DL Legs on QF PNR

    On my last trip to Canada, I missed my Delta connection in LAX (thanks ATC) and had to change the flights at the DL desk. The DL flights had been booked independently of my QF booking and hence weren't listed with the same PNR in QF.com/bookings (the DL flights weren't listed at all, as...