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  1. J

    Use of OOL by NSW residents to access NNSW

    With NSW permitting regional travel from 01 June, northern NSW (Tweed Heads - Byron etc) is as close to a Queensland holiday as we can get for now. While Ballina would be an option for Byron, OOL is much more suitable for the border region. As airports are federal land, and the airport...
  2. J

    FF card issue on requalification

    I've never had this problem before. I'm WP, end of membership year in a few weeks. I requalified for WP way back in Jul 19 (and over 2000 SCs now). By this point I would have normally expected my new card in the mail or at very least my digital card to update with the new expiry date...
  3. J

    International Seat Selection

    I’m flying on a very full QF3 on Monday to HNL - in Y unfortunately (continuing on to the mainland and coming back J) I am WP and have an upgrade request in. J is sold out so zero chance of an upgrade, load is showing Y9 B9 but the rest zero. I’ve got 26B allocated with 26A free. This is...
  4. J

    No Más Nachos - Brisbane J Lounge

    I'll definitely concede that the beef nachos were getting a little tired at the Brisbane Domestic J lounge - but noticed on Friday night they were gone. Replaced by "The Oven" serving a Beef Ragu and some other vegetarian option. It wasn't terrible but could have just been served up in the...
  5. J

    New Passenger Screening Facility - Newcastle (NTL)

    Newcastle has just opened its new passenger screening facility - replacing the standard baggage X-ray and metal detectors seen at most domestic terminals. The bags now work like a lot of overseas airports - there are stations for you to stand at, you get a tray from underneath - you put your...
  6. J

    ORC when you elect to change flight

    I’m flying SYD-AKL-SCL tomorrow on QF145 & LA800 (sold as QF321). The LA leg is now delayed by 2 hours. If I ask to be moved on to QF27, could I still ask for ORC? I’m only asking to change due to the delay.
  7. J

    JFK-BOS cut?

    I have quite a few AA domestic flights booked for Jun/Jul as part of a trip from Australia. Today, within minutes of each other, I received three different emails (I have about 5 different bookings) with changes to my flights. Some big changes - it would seem they have cut the JFK-BOS route...
  8. J

    VA938 BNE-SYD diverts to NTL with full emergency

    Interesting events here in Newcastle this afternoon. VA938 (BNE-SYD) diverted into NTL with a full emergency. Suspected fire in the cargo hold, apparently. I passed at least 20 emergency vehicles heading to the airport just now, all with their lights and sirens on. It landed safety a short...
  9. J

    How does DSC affect Intl J fares?

    Achieved WP for the first time last year and I'd like to keep it. Planning a trip to the US in Jun/Jul and will probably go J (just can't do Y anymore - or even Y+). I'm based in NTL so probably looking at flying out of SYD so I can experience FLounge for the first time, and I hate the drive...
  10. J

    Platinum Seating Preference Mishaps

    I boarded a roughly half full Q400 flight last night, BNE-NTL. As a WP, the system allocated me 2D (exit row window). I checked in 24 hours before via mobile, I thought perhaps they’d blocked out 2C, but no. It’s really odd, because my profile preference is forward aisle. I don’t think...
  11. J

    QF DOM J v AA F comparison (and what QF should incorporate)

    I've just returned from a US trip where I did a lot of domestic flights in AA domestic First (about 600 SCs worth). A lot of people told me "haha - US first class is worse than Australian economy" but these people have not been following the recent improvements in US air travel following the...
  12. J

    New DOM menu - including spirits mini bottles

    I was very surprised last night to see that Jetstar is now serving spirits from mini bottles. Previously they only had premix cans (and only three varieties from memory). I think we are now at the point where the F&B service on JQ has surpassed Qantas. Sure, you have to pay for it, but with...
  13. J

    Qantas entertainment guide

    Does anyone know if Qantas still lists the movies available on its international flights? You used to be able to search by route and it would give you a list. This was handy to plan out your trip (ensuring you watch any expiring movies on the outbound trip and make room for new movies on...
  14. J

    Velocity Honors Status Match

    Ive signed up to get my velocity status (Gold) matched by HHonors, does anyone know how long it usually takes? The email says up to 20 working days, but is it usually much quicker than that? Reason being I have a string of hotel bookings in the US that start 17 business days after I applied...
  15. J

    Melbourne T2 Check in

    Next month I am flying NTL-MEL-LAX-SFO in Y+, with NTL-MEL booked on Jetstar as QF codeshare (single PNR). JQ lands in Melbourne at 1600 and QF95 departs at 2130. I know that I need to collect bags in Melbourne and recheck with Qantas. Will I be about to do that ~1630, or do I need to wait...
  16. J

    Short Notice Upgrade Options

    So I arrive at work this morning with the usual Monday-itis and the boss says I’m needed in Darwin urgently, so now flying QF846 out of Sydney (I’m in Newcastle but this was the best option). It’s booked in full Y but as I’m within 24 hours I can’t request an upgrade. I know I can register...
  17. J

    Combining QF J sale fare with AA ticket

    I'm travelling to North America in Aug-Oct (on my own steam) and I'd like to fly J if possible. I'll be in Central America mostly (Nicaragua) but I'll spend a bit of time in the US at the start and at the end of the trip. Ideally, I'd like to fly SYD-DFW or SYD-MIA and return LAS-SYD/BNE (I'm...
  18. J

    MH A380s back in Sydney

    Has anyone noticed, in the last week - 3 flights have been on A380 (02 Nov, 03 Nov and 06 Nov). It doesn't appear that they were scheduled - there's no future bookings on the A380. At first I thought maybe it's for Melbourne cup but that would make sense if it was KUL-MEL - but this is...
  19. J

    AMEX Lounge Access

    I recently got a QF AMEX Ultimate card, and note it said I get 2 free passes a year to the Sydney T1 AMEX lounge. Online it doesn't specify Sydney, it seems to suggest any AMEX lounge. I'm QF Gold so I'm not overly fussed in the lounge at SYD - however I will be in Vegas later this year and...
  20. J

    Loss of exit row - Facebook rant

    I just saw this on facebook - a public post to Qantas (you should be able to find it via the Qantas page). So many negative comments against Qantas - but I think the post is B.S. Yes, she probably got kicked out of the exit row for a P1 customer - but she'll definitely get a refund of any...