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  1. BiziBB

    Citi's advertising a freebie SMH sub (26wk Fri-Mon) with Citi Gold

    I suppose this isn't particularly helpful (and those in the know already have a deeply discounted sub or a free, sponsored sub) but Fairfax is giving it away with Citi gold card applications now. Gold SMH: Citibank code G1C882CZ This is probably not combinable but I figured someone might be...
  2. BiziBB

    Citi Platinum cardholders - have you accessed a Citi Plat lounge?

    I already have a lounge stay coming up in CGK but knowing there is (was?) a Citi Plat Lounge there, I'm wondering how rigorously the cardholder is checked? I read on another forum, maybe an A-Net trip report, of a trip through CGK and this Citi Plat lounge caught my eye. I believe it's...
  3. BiziBB

    Is this non-QF LHR redemption a good use of 8k miles?

    A EI (Aer Lingus) LHR_DUB redemption is quoted at 8k miles/points by the QF calculator. It is 281 miles distance and EI is not selling discount tickets for my preferred date (they were 0 + tax or approx 37GBP). I noticed that QF has a table showing Aer Lingus 'discount economy' seats can cost...
  4. BiziBB

    Where is the AFF MEL Aug 08 thread?

    I must have some considerable blind spots as I didn't see it anywhere! The Meetings folders are up to July, so where is the official thread? Are we talking 1-3 August or really just 2 August? :lol: It was great to meet so many of you (sorry it was so briefly!) in Hobart. I thik a MEL event...
  5. BiziBB

    Happy Birthday, futaris

    Happy Birthday, futaris! (I just noticed it on the FT forum page. ;) )
  6. BiziBB

    Where to go for a Good Friday drink & meal in Melbourne?

    Good morning, next Friday is Good Friday, so thanks to your posts on AFF I booked a Norfolk Air flight (not $1 but still good) and made Easter into a trip. I've posted an invite for people on FT and AFF to meet up on Friday night but will Melbourne's restaurants and bars be open? Will...
  7. BiziBB

    Jetstar's Quick Getaway Sale Wed-Thu this week (Lite fares)

    Maybe JQ has a sale every week; when a real sale is on I'll try again. The 2-for-1 fare deal was good. Hope to se that one again. :) The JQ Airlie Beach option might be OK - surely the floods have ebbed away by now? Virgin has a bit of a sale on too but weekend seats seem sold out on their...
  8. BiziBB

    Emirates A380 plans revealed: LHR, JFK, SYD-AKL!

    A nice surprise to see the Emirates A380 routes announced, as reported in today's SMH. Hopefully we can get a few people together in SYD around that time. Who wants to come on that trip, as an EK miles redemption?
  9. BiziBB

    Frivolous trip to Norfolk Is or eNZed etc just to save Laptop GST?

    G'day, A bunch of number crunchers here applaud my little MacBook Air purchase last night. 10% off - and the MacBook Air only landed in the shops a day or two ago. I'll salary package it, but wonder if there is any way to save 1/11th ($232) through a quick trip to Norfolk Is or NZ? :) I'm...
  10. BiziBB

    Jetstar to Singapore: MEL $249 DRW $199

    E-mailed sale which many of you received. A nice cheap flight to DRW if it can be split. :) DRW-SIN $199 MEL-SIN (via DRW) $249 As for the time in DRW...