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  1. Skyring

    Shiraz in Shiraz

    Setting my feet upon the Old Silk RoadO’Malley Australian Capital Territory 23 Feb 2017 I watched a television show about the Old Silk Road last night. The presenter traced the route through Iran and on to Istanbul and Venice. It wasn’t just the wealth of silks and spices that flowed along this...
  2. Skyring

    This is going too far on long-haul

    I can understand upping the security restrictions on electronics - as per this news - but I am not prepared to swallow this latest outrage: on all direct flights between Australia and the Middle East they have banned inflight consumption of alcohol with effect from today.
  3. Skyring

    Lounge guests

    Flying EK F SYD-DXB-IKA and EK J IKA-DXB-SIN-MEL soonish. I'm not a member of Skywards at any level. I've put up my lounge times on the April and May threads, but now I'm not sure if I can guest people in. There seems to be conflicting information floating around. Anybody know the rules?
  4. Skyring

    Inflight cameras

    I love those "Skyview" cameras mounted on the tail or under the fuselage that give - via the entertainment screen - a look at the plane in flight or the terrain below that is a lot wider than peering through a porthole. The Emirates A380 has three of these things going, and on takeoff or final...
  5. Skyring

    SYD Lounge Open time for 6am EK flight

    I've got an upcoming Emirates F flight. EK415, leaving SYD at 0600. We'll be staying at Rydges just a few metres from T1, so transit time will be a few minutes, and the big problem will be waking up. I'm seeing from my research the following timeline: 0300 - Terminal opens 0300 - Emirates...
  6. Skyring

    How I avoid trip reports

    I like writing trip reports. I really do. I fill them up with stories and photos and just have a ball reliving the trip. At least until I get bored. I don't think I've finished a trip report yet! So, like several other members, I've solved the problem by beginning a travel blog. I've set a...
  7. Skyring

    Free Benromach distillery tour

    As a "Friend of BenRomach" - and who wouldn't be, with their yummy Speyside single malts? - I received this freebie last year. It's a distillery visit voucher, good for a tour and a dram after. Sadly, I have no plans to visit Scotland before it expires, so if anyone is heading up that way - the...
  8. Skyring

    Starting a travel blog

    A couple of fellow members have recently commenced travel blogs and are planning to get serious about them. This one, for example, aimed at in-depth reviews of restaurants, tours, places. I've run a fun but unprofitable blog empire in the past, but I think in retirement I can be a bit more fair...
  9. Skyring

    Thanks, BW!

    EK F questions, or, Thanks, BW! I now have three QFF points in my account. What's left after yesterday's effort is now transferred across to an account they never touched. I'm returning to Iran next year. My aim was to get enough points for a RTW OW award in J at 2 x 280K QFF points. But that...
  10. Skyring

    Easy go, easy come

    I've just checked my points balance. A nice boost from Epiqure, but what really got my attention was an extra 28 000 points. I didn't do a family transfer a month ago when BW clawed them back, and I've been kind of mourning them. And here they are again! Question is, will they stay, or is it...
  11. Skyring

    Unpiloted aircraft

    I don't think we'll see a fully autonomous airliner any time soon. Even if the technology were perfect, passengers would still want someone able to drive the thing. But military drones operate with nobody aboard, often for extended periods. Multi-engine aircraft have been used, such as variants...
  12. Skyring

    Uber now at Canberra airport

    Finally, nine months after prospective Uber drivers were told that Canberra airport pickups were coming "real soon now", the day has arrived. I attended the local Uber HQ, picked up my card, received a briefing. Arriving passengers will apparently be directed to the Express pickup zone in the...
  13. Skyring

    A Magic Carpet Tour of Persia

    It begins with a dog. Small, bad-tempered, obsessive. A bit like my wife, really, who chose the tiny terrier out of a lineup at the local animal shelter. Our cat watched the new arrival come through the door with mixed feelings - outrage and horror - and she climbed up my left side, gained...
  14. Skyring

    A weekend in Lisbon

    Every year my wife attends a medical conference. She gets an allowance for the airfare, accommodation, expenses, but there's only so much in the kitty, and if it's a long way off, she goes economy. I go along to share the room, paying for my own flights. We've had some good holidays this way -...
  15. Skyring

    Scrapbooking Award

    This time I'm going to do it. This time I'm going to put up a trip report all the way through. Usually I write a bunch of posts on planning, send a few updates from the lounge, write a post about the first day overseas a week late and that's it. I just never have time when travelling to sit...
  16. Skyring

    Name that airport!

    There's a story in today's news about the Badgerys Creek field. The proposal is to name it after the bloke who built the Sydney Arbour Bridge, George Bradfield. Meh. I'd name it after local member Alex Hawke and his father, ex-PM Bob Hawke.
  17. Skyring


    Apologies if this has been covered recently. I'm looking for a good place to buy good Scotch. Background: I took an award flight last month. My son and I flew Y and did a kind of TopGear roadtrip of the world. We hired a Jag through Avis Prestige for a whip through Scotland. Only four days but...
  18. Skyring

    Abbott in Government

    Re: Oz Federal Election 2013 - Discussion and Comments Thanks to all for the entertainment and conversation over the past few months. It's been an interesting campaign, and I'm glad it ended with a good result: democracy. Though I'm not too sure about some of those Senate choices!
  19. Skyring

    The flying wing

    I try to avoid wings in general. I like looking out and admiring the view, which is quite unlike my usual everyday life experience. My first trip to London, I was green and didn't know better than to ask for a window, any window. For the daylight leg from SIN I was seated over the 744 wing and...
  20. Skyring

    BBC "Airport Live" TV show

    The BBC has put out a four-part series on Heathrow called Airport Live. This goes way beyond anything I've seen before, with synchronised cameras recording significant activities. For example, we saw a Qantas A380 being towed to a terminal from the control tower, and then crossed live to the...