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  1. J

    Points activity, enhanced??

    I'n trying to find the page on my frequent flyer login to see what points I've earned in each category (or in total), over the past 12 months... Was this enhanced and I'm only realising this now as I'm trying to find that out? I know the pages when you're logged in changed some time ago - I...
  2. J

    Qantas premium Brisbane - international flight connections?

    G’day! I have an upcoming flight from Brisbane to Sydney in Business (qantas) with a connection to the US (qantas) with a connection in the US (aa) - all on one ticket. Does anyone know if the Qantas Domestic Premium Lounge Entry has the ability to check in my bags given I have a connection? Or...
  3. J

    LHR T5 Lounge and Shower?

    Hi all, I have a trip coming up to LHR in J in CX with a transit of 3:45 to get to T5 for a BA Y flight (separate PNR’s). Can someone confirm whether there are showers in the BA T5 gallery lounges? I did a similar trip 3 years ago and never found them (though didn’t try that hard). Hoping to...
  4. J

    Nakasendo or other?

    Hi there Am interested to get your input on Japan and Nakasendo? Has anyone done this trail and had any recommendations for having this organised? There seem to be number of tour operators that allow you do to a self guided walk. It looks amazing - would likely go in spring or autumn. Concern...
  5. J

    Qantas Price Promise Delays (flights)

    H all, I'm not sure if anyone has come across this issue recently. I've had flights in both April and June that were successful in me obtaining a price promise of the $ difference in fares, and the 1,000 Qantas points. However, my flights from April have had the $ refunded, but no Qantas...
  6. J

    China Airlines - “safe”?

    After witnessing good availability on China Airlines to Taipei (a dream destination of mine), I wanted to get thoughts on their safety. I know they’ve had a number of fatal crashes (many years ago now), and I’ve read some descriptions of some flyers avoiding the airline since then as a result...
  7. J

    Award Booking - Married Segments?

    Hi all, I'm looking at booking flights from AU to Europe next year. I've searched for AUS to Europe and can't find any results on the days I'm looking at when I do a simple one-way award search. However I've done a multi-city search and can see availability from AUS to HKG on Cathay Pacific...
  8. J

    Reward Availability December 2019

    Hi everyone, I'm looking at a Qantas classic reward flight from Aus to Europe return for December 2019. In my search I've noted that there is a lack of awards with Cathay or Qatar in Business class for as far out as the search goes. I am aware that Cathay reduced their award seats in the past...
  9. J

    New York Accommodation - November 18

    Hi all, I'm after some advice for where to stay in New York and when to book accommodation. I've booked a trip there arriving the 1st of November and am planning on staying for 8 nights. I understand accommodation in New York is expensive and the rooms small (which is fine), but I'm not sure...
  10. J

    LHR Transit (T3 to T5) - Seperate OW Tickets

    Hi everyone :) I'm after your thoughts and suggestions on my situation. Later this year, I'll be flying from Aus to LHR arriving LHR on CX255 (QF reward - J), and then onto Reykjavik on BA800 (BA revenue - Y). CX255 is scheduled to arrive at 6:20 am at T3 (and seems to be fairly on time based...
  11. J

    Hello and help!

    Hi aff! First time member and poster here from Brisbane! I'm hoping in your wisdom, you'll be able to help me out on 3 questions I have about an upcoming trip (which thanks to you all I've accumulated sufficient qf points to make!). 1. I'm flying on CX146 BNE to HKG which has a stop in...