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  1. Cessna 180

    WA mines

    All the strips in the Iron Triangle that take RPT out of Perth are sealed and a minimum of 2000 meters. Suitable for F100/717/320/737 all though, often not at max weight. I can think of at least ten such strips. As my travel to that region has been curtailed due Covid, things may have changed a...
  2. Cessna 180

    Card Promotions Qantas Premium AMEX 75k QFF Points

    Haha, fair comment. I am however too conservative for that. If I miss out on the 75k, then I am out for another eighteen months. I just thought I would ask and see if anyone had done this.
  3. Cessna 180

    Card Promotions Qantas Premium AMEX 75k QFF Points

    A good deal. Has anyone tried for an AMEX inside their eighteen month window? I still have three months to go. I am presuming it is not worth the risk. On another note, where has the "credit card promo" thread gone?
  4. Cessna 180

    Road trip to Outback Queensland

    Good report Matt and Sam. It is good to see some folks appreciating the outback. I have been fortunate enough to see a lot, but there is always more. I see a lot of it from the air, but find I really enjoy driving along and being able to just pull up in any town as you have done. Charleville is...
  5. Cessna 180

    Whats your booking killer?

    I just like fresh air.
  6. Cessna 180

    Whats your booking killer?

    One thing is a deal breaker. A WINDOW THAT DOES NOT OPEN!!. I can put up with most things for a night or two, but this one really peeves me.. I just find it quite bizarre that it is even an option for a room where people sleep to not have some fresh air. Also interested about the bed, I am 6...
  7. Cessna 180

    QF to fly BENDIGO to SYD!

    A late morning/ lunchtime departure would actually suit me perfectly.
  8. Cessna 180

    Fly Well. New QF Covid procedures

    Yesterday on a Dash-8 out of BNE they announced boarding would be strictly by rows. Starting at the back. 10-15- 5-10, and so on, not actually sure how many rows on a Dash, but hopefully you get my drift.... (Sames as previous 737 flight out of MEL). Then we all went outside and sat on a bus...
  9. Cessna 180

    What do Qantas tiers look like going forward?

    Received a boarding pass for seat 3a on a recent BNE -MEL (A330). Check in person informed me it was based on status but to not expect any service as they were not selling business class on that flight. Same thing happened a few days ago to a colleague who is gold. The extra real estate was was...
  10. Cessna 180

    Ask The Pilot

    Yes, this is geospatial survey, mapping. Used extensively in all mining areas as well as by various government bodies. Mines in the Pilbara, Bowen Basin and Hunter Valley generally map everything monthly so there is plenty of on going work. Re the metro areas, as mentioned earlier it is much...
  11. Cessna 180

    What will happen to the complimentary Virgin flights redeemed thru ANZ Travel Rewards and Amex?

    I hadn’t booked a flight. It wasn’t likely to be of any use to me anyway so I used that as an excuse to be entitled to an annual fee refund. The refund was duly processed in to my newly opened FF black card account and the traveller card is now closed. I did also ask for lounge passes but...
  12. Cessna 180

    QF SYD-MEL down to 1 flight/day - via CBR on a Dash 8

    Operating in NSW and Vic the last couple of weeks, I have never heard the airwaves so quiet. More GA than RPT by far...
  13. Cessna 180

    Recent Flights on VA

    I went MEL - SYD Monday afternoon. Roughly 30 pax. There were a few people lined up at the check in counter so I used the self serve. Hardly any seats available, so I was a bit confused as I did not wish to sit too close to anyone if possible. I was able to find a friendly, helpful staff member...
  14. Cessna 180

    Virgin suspends all domestic flights except Syd-Mel (6 times a week)

    I went MEL to SYD on Monday arvo, I think I counted ~ 30 pax. Agreed that ceasing flights if they are not profitable is possibly better in the long run for VA. As stated above however, we do not know how much freight is moving as well.
  15. Cessna 180

    Qantas extends current status Until at least March 2021

    I just received it too. It is appreciated although possibly not needed (for me), depending on what happens before my renewal date in May. It is a nice touch however, even though I would have thought airlines had many more important things to worry about at this time.
  16. Cessna 180

    Qantas doesn't care about priority boarding

    SYD yesterday they were particularly strict. One customer was grumbling because he was not allowed to board yet. I wandered along to the line just as boarding commenced and the agent was checking people in the premium line were gold, plat, bus etc. Quite a few customers moved across looking...
  17. Cessna 180

    Answered QC access to Fiji Airways Nadi Lounge

    BULA. So currently in the Nadi lounge about ten other people save for the staff. I booked a QF code share on FJ metal. I checked with the Lounge attendant, and he confirmed that as a One World Emerald I can enter if: Booked on a QF or JQ ticket, but not on an FJ ticket unless travelling in...
  18. Cessna 180

    What to do with cheap wine?

    Drink it quickly, then move on.... Unless you are from a rich family, there is no such thing as bad wine. Just good wine and average wine 😁
  19. Cessna 180

    ANZ Rewards Travel Adventure now 60,000 velocity points; 1 domestic return flights

    Email arrived today. Applied early January, spend met sometime in February. Points posted instantly upon return of email