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  1. TheTravellingWino

    Wine purchasing for 100-150 person function

    Hi TM, Where are you located? Just wondering as I may be able to point you in the right direction for retailers who specialise in catering for these type of events. I would average consumption to 5-6 drinks per person beer and wine combined. Some may have many more than this and some may drink...
  2. TheTravellingWino

    Free 2x Qantas Lounge Invitations - exp 31 Dec 2018

    Hi jxv, If the passes are still available, my partner and I will be transiting through Sydney from Adelaide on Friday 7/12. We’ve got about 3 hours to kill so would be great to use then. Cheers Mat
  3. TheTravellingWino

    Looking for Adelaide recommendations !

    I can highly recommend Bai Long on Hutt St for Thai. Concubine on Gouger St is also fantastic. Peel St as others have said is highly recommended. Their banana blossom chicken dish is my favourite.
  4. TheTravellingWino

    ING Direct $100 Bonus – Expires 28 February 2018

    Hello fellow travellers, We’ve got one month left to activate this bonus offer. If you’d like to open a new ING account and use my referral code ESS008 I would be very grateful. To redeem this offer, you just need to head to ing.com.au/everyday and follow the steps to open an account. Be sure...
  5. TheTravellingWino

    Best A380 seats for a giant

    My partner and I flew QF 11 to LAX last July. On the way over we had 52 D,E which is a bulkhead seat and on the way back had 56B,C which is a standard economy seat. I am only 6'2" but I would choose bulkhead over a standard seat any day. Having someone recline into your knees for 12 hours was...
  6. TheTravellingWino

    Cellar Records, Wine Tracking, Tasting Notes - Spreadsheet vs. Apps or Programs?

    +1 for Cellartracker. I have been using the website for several years for entering wines, have now downloaded the app and has made it much easier. I have wines stored in multiple locations and use the location tab when entering wines which then allows me to sort by location when I need to see...
  7. TheTravellingWino

    Penfolds discussion and offers

    It's amazing what some people will pay. You can pick up the current 2012 vintage for $80 in a single bottle buy and they've been stored correctly. Auctions are a gamble unless you a certain about the provenance.
  8. TheTravellingWino

    Tell me where to go [McLaren Vale]

    If you are after a cleanser at the end of the day, the Victory Hotel at Sellicks Beach is a must. Not too much further south of the Vale. Enjoy a cold beer on the deck looking out over the ocean. Simply beautiful. Cheers Mat
  9. TheTravellingWino

    When should I drink it? (Too Late / Now / Soon / Later / Never)

    Hi J, My two cents worth. If all the wines have been stored correctly I would be drinking all of them now apart from the Amon-Ra. I'd see that living on for another 5-8 years. Look in to buying an Ah-So. Cork removal contraption recommended to be used on any wines over 20 years of age. Enjoy...
  10. TheTravellingWino

    Best seats economy A380?

    I am 6"2' and found the leg room to be ample. More about not having a seat in front that may recline.
  11. TheTravellingWino

    Best seats economy A380?

    My partner and I were lucky to get seats 52D,E on QF11 SYD - LAX which are bulk head with a bassinet. Had the row of 4 seats to ourselves. I asked at check-in if there were any bulkhead seats available and were given these. My partner falls asleep before the plane has taken off (lucky her) but I...
  12. TheTravellingWino

    Nice wines I have drunk recently - Red or White

    Montalto Vineyard and Olive grove has a fantastic cellar door and the the food there is fantastic. You need to book for the restaurant. They also have a cafe there that does great pizzas.
  13. TheTravellingWino

    Nice wines I have drunk recently - Red or White

    First vintage of Koonunga Hill from Penfolds was 1976 and this was a 30 year tribute release. Looking through my cellar notes it was a nice wine but nothing outstanding. What did you think of it Daver6. Still have a 6 pack of this laying around somewhere. Cheers Mat
  14. TheTravellingWino

    QF A380 Y Mini-cabin top deck, rear --- Pics only

    Thanks Kevrosmith. Will do some more research into it. Cheers
  15. TheTravellingWino

    San Sebastian Donostia

    I was there back in 2009 and the fog that rolled through was amazing. Covered the city for the entire night. I'll try to dig up a photo of it.
  16. TheTravellingWino

    2015 Vintec wine cellar offer

    They may run out but will get Vintec to supply more. Several years ago on the first round of Vintec fridge giveaways I had to wait several months extra for mine as they could not supply the huge amount of claims that were made.
  17. TheTravellingWino

    Optus to cease offering QFF points as of 30/06/15

    Hope to see my points soon. Good while it lasted.
  18. TheTravellingWino

    Where I've been eating lately...

    Had dinner last month at Oscillate Wildly in Newtown, Sydney. Awesome 8 course degustation and as it was a Tuesday night they allow BYO. Took a bottle of 1985 Bests Bin 0. The smile on my face when the wine was fantastic and enjoyed it with the great food.
  19. TheTravellingWino

    Beer v. Wine with Food

    Why not both? Occasionally I'll have a glass of Riesling to start the night, have a couple of beers with Entree and then onto a glass or two of red with dinner. Depends on the beer though. I could easily match a deep red rye ale with a steak.
  20. TheTravellingWino

    QF A380 Y Mini-cabin top deck, rear --- Pics only

    Was hoping to get two seat in Y up the top on the A380 on QF11 to LAX in a fortnight, looks like most are taken or blocked. I'll try at check-in. Any luck with seats opening up when checking-in online closer to the flight?