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    Jetstar Pacific no more and vouchers cancelled

    Jetstar Pacific has been “transitioned” to be part of Vietnam Airlines and all and any vouchers issued by them under their Jetstar brand have been “transitioned” to them as well. Which means that the voucher we got for 3 people for internal Vietnam flights will now barely cover 2 people - if we...
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    A (possibly crazy) idea for the restart.

    So I’ve been thinking that Australia and New Zealand seem to be doing an excellent job at getting covid19 under control. There are some (best case scenario) suggestions that we could even see it down to near zero in both countries within the next 6 weeks, if we maintain the current...
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    Answered Bumped from a QF*EK code share flight - which airline is responsible?

    After superb redemption flights with SQ from Milan, we had planned an 8 hour stop in Singapore. The plan was to check our luggage in for the paid flight home and enjoy the hawkers market for a few hours. But.. Checking in 7 hours early, we were “offered” voluntary denied boarding (an...