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  1. Traveller_Dude

    Qantas Status Run refund/postpone/re-ticket

    Hi Sexy People I Booked my FIRST Status run (yay) at the end of July during the status run promo earlier this year, It was through Flight Centre who have now spoken with Qantas FF team about my situation. If Qantas reissue the ticket outside the "promo period" then it will be deemed a normal...
  2. Traveller_Dude

    Greeting from Sydeny

    Hi Travellers Greetings from Sydney. after dancing around the idea i have finally booked my first status run in July with the Qantas double status points promo. bought myself an excellent pair of Bose QC35ii earphones . downloaded my spotify playlist from Shazam ( another fav app) reading the...