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  1. Archipelago

    Emirates Announced Suspending all PAX operations from March 25 - Then Backtracked

    Never thought this would happen, but it has https://www.emirates.com/media-centre/the-emirates-groups-business-response-to-covid-19/
  2. Archipelago

    Myanmar to start new Visa on Arrival for Aus passport holders this year

    (mods please move if this is in the wrong location, cheers) The Myanmar Tourist & Business visa online process has been in place for a few years now, and has worked well - but it still meant that the Visa needed to be pre-approved, and documentation presented for check in staff before the last...
  3. Archipelago

    Bhutan-Australia travel offer (bit late though)

    Only just spotted this on FT, but posting it out of interest.. Bhutan-Australia Friendship Offer | Tourism Council of Bhutan Says 2017 at the start of the article, but its for June-August 2018
  4. Archipelago

    MI to EK on separate bookings, thru-check of luggage possible?

    Boss is flying from Phuket via Singapore to Brisbane this week. HKT-SIN is on Silkair, arriving T2 SIN-BNE is on EK, departing T1 As he will will have on checked bag, I'm looking to see if anyone has experience on whether he can thru-check his bag at Phuket so that he can stay airside in...
  5. Archipelago

    EK SIN-BNE-SIN any feedback or advice?

    Have booked the boss on a SIN-BNE-SIN business trip with EK in Y for a 4 day conference on the Gold Coast 18-22 April Any feedback on these flights from AFF members who travel this route? EK 432 outbound and 433 for the return leg Would be interested to hear reports on usual loading in Y and...
  6. Archipelago

    Myanmar Govt announces new express 24 hour Tourist e-visa

    Myanmar's e-visa service (the official one through MLIP, not the rip off ones passing themselves off as official ) has announced that as of April 1st they will provide an express visa service. It is for tourist visas only and does not apply to Business Visas done through the e-visa service...
  7. Archipelago

    Quirky toilet signage spotted last night - seeking explanations

    Had my last night in Myanmar before flying to Bangkok this morning for a month or two on the move. Went to one of the newer expat bar/restaurants in downtown Yangon, and when visiting the facilities I spotted this rather unusual sign. Twittersphere hasn't shed any light on it yet So, my...
  8. Archipelago

    Brand new route. Phuket-Yangon starts 25th March 2018

    Probably won't be of too much interest to most of the AFF clan - but MNA announced their new routes from Yangon to Phuket twice weekly (Fridays and Sundays) this week. Inaugural flight is 25th March, and they had a launch function down in Phuket the other day. As someone based between Yangon...
  9. Archipelago

    90's throwback - Golden Wing Diaries

    Does anyone remember the Golden Wing diaries in the days of Ansett - those annual planner delights that you could order late in the year for the coming annual planning? Was ordered through a third party supplier from memory - I used to delight when it came in the post and used it religiously...
  10. Archipelago

    Google giving 2Gb free additional storage today only 10 Feb - Safe Internet Day

    Not sure where to post this, or whether it is of interest to anyone. Mods feel free to move if appropriate, cheers For all those who have a google account [gmail, google drive, google photos etc] - they are giving an extra 2Gb to add to your existing quota today if you simply update your...
  11. Archipelago

    Stephen Fry welcomes travellers to Heathrow with a lesson on British Etiquette

    Not sure where to post this, or even if it has been posted already [did a thorough search] - mods please move/merge/delete if applicable Caught this delightful snippet put together by Graham Linehan featuring Stephen Fry welcoming pax to LHR... I can't help laughing every time there's a...
  12. Archipelago

    Hong Kong Airlines Status Match offer - all major alliances until Dec 2015

    This is a bit obscure and I am not sure if this will be of interest to anyone, but raising it anyways... Hong Kong Airlines FF program - Fortune Wings - is offering all elite members of *A, OW, Sky Team, Etihad, Emirates and the highly respectable Alaska Airlines a free status match up until...
  13. Archipelago

    Does anyone remember the days of Ansett when...

    ...you could fly multiple J sectors on an award redemption for 25k-30k points? Bit of a nostalgia question, I am trying to refresh my memory on those days of being able to book a multi-sector round trip journey trips where you could pretty much circumnavigate the country and only spend 30k...