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  1. Drakecula

    Printed Qantas material for NLA

    Hi all, not sure if this is the best spot for this post, but it is Qantas specific. (Feel free to move it to a more suitable sub-forum if need be, admins :) ) I'm also not sure if Qantas send out printed things to members, but the National Library of Australia has said "we’d be interested in any...
  2. Drakecula

    Housewatch: Drake Edition

    Given I know people enjoyed following along with the TomCat's new digs thread (myself now included, as I slowly catch myself up). I thought maybe I'd start a new thread in case people were interested. There won't be many trip reports coming from us for the next little while, so I guess this...
  3. Drakecula

    Tempo Holidays and Bentours in administration since 19 Sept - I had a booking :(

    BREAKING NEWS | Tempo Holidays Guess how I found this out? An automatic out of office response to one of the people who organised a tour for us. I then went to the website to find out more about what is going on. I am uncertain that anything will be sorted before we go away (in about 5 weeks...
  4. Drakecula

    Question Schedule change in J RTW redemption

    Sorry if this has been already asked. This might seem a simple question, but I'm new to redemptions and this is my first Big one. One of the legs booked on our RTW is YVR-MEX and original departure was 1355 arriving 2115. The new departure is three hours later which I know isn't the end of the...
  5. Drakecula

    Pre-travel things

    I've been overseas a few times, but never for as long as we're about to embark upon (7 weeks and a bit). Other more seasoned travellers - what do you do before you go away? I've got friends lined up to collect our mail and take bins in/out so that's one thing sorted. I was also planning on...
  6. Drakecula

    East Germany options

    The one event I planned my entire Europe trip around got cancelled and of course being a super nerdy planner, everything else around those dates have been booked and paid for. I'm organising a refund for the event, but I am now contemplating options of filling 3 nights in East Germany. I've got...
  7. Drakecula

    Plane turned around as mother forgets baby at boarding gate

    I'm sure I've forgotten things before flights before, and maybe I've accidentally left things behind, but a baby?! Luckily she quickly realised and the plane could turn around not too long after take off, but oops! Flight forced to turn around after mother forgets baby
  8. Drakecula

    Canada, Mexico, Europe, oh my! RTW here we go.

    It was many years in the making. I read and researched and read some more and weighed up options. In the end I decided *A would be the best suited based on future travel plans and what airlines flew where. We signed up with KrisFlyer in particular as they had announced they would fly from...
  9. Drakecula

    NZ North Island road trip

    We're in Wellington! Our holiday kicked off yesterday as we headed to Sydney for a night before our flight this morning. We went to Mjolner for dinner in Sydney, which was fantastic. It's Viking styled, with the opportunity to drink from horns if you're having beer. I ordered a cocktail which...
  10. Drakecula

    Hong Kong and back again, a journey in VA J

    The time has finally come, we're off to Hong Kong! I took advantage of a sale, thanks to a tip on these here forums, and so we're travelling in Business for the first time ever! So be prepared for all sorts of excitement over little things that may be old hat to most, but are new to us. We're...
  11. Drakecula

    Feedback on my *A RTW plan using KF points

    I'm hoping for some guidance with regards to a planned *A RTW award booking in J using KF points. I'm hoping to have enough points for two tickets for a booking for the end of 2019. I know I'm well ahead of myself, but I also know it is important to plan so I'm not caught out. Obviously I'll...
  12. Drakecula

    SQ J RTW award tickets

    Long time lurker, but still relative noob, and not a very frequent flyer. But, I've done a lot of reading and I'm hoping I'm heading in the right direction. I am currently hoarding points so that hopefully in a couple of years I can cash them in for 2 J RTW *A tickets via Singapore Airlines. I...