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    Advice on AirAsia flight cancellation & Refunds

    Hi all, My partner had a flight booked with AirAsia to fly SYD<>KUL, departing 7th April 2020. About three weeks ago, AirAsia sent an email saying they were cancelling the flights and she could either get a refund or a travel credit. Now AirAsia don't have a call center or a number you can...
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    Velocity points not partially credited from DL/VS flight

    Recently bought a round the world ticket, flying: 1. VA on VA metal: SYD->HKG (while it was still a route!) 2. VA on VS metal: HKG -> LHR 3. VS on VS metal: LHR -> SFO 4. DL on DL metal: SFO -> LAX 5. VS on DL metal: LAX -> SYD I got velocity points / status credited for legs 1-4, but not on...
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    Assistance LAX BOG CTG

    Hi all, The Mrs. is being sent off to Colombia for a work trip and I'm considering joining her a week later in CTG. I'm considering using my Velocity points to get a SYD<->LAX return, and then fly from LAX<->Colombia. However, the connections don't see too appealing, so could use some help...
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    VA redemption flight on ANZ Rewards Travel

    I just booked my redemption flight from my ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures card. Got my velocity number added as well to the booking, so it shows up that I'm VA Gold, gives me my additional free baggage, seat selection etc. What I can't work out, is will I earn points + status credits + eligible...
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    VA Metal, but DL ticket. Counts as eligible sector?

    I'm trying to book a flight that goes SYD -> LAX -> MEX -> SFO -> SYD. the SYD -> LAX and SFO -> SYD flights are VA operated, but the entire round trip would be ticketed by Delta. Would these flights still count as eligible flights for Velocity? The T&C's say "An Eligible Sector is any flight...
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    Answered Secondary bag checks for Australian bound flights

    Recently flying NAD - SYD, and just before the boarding gate, there's another set of security personnel with tables set up for hand luggage search. This isn't too unusual, I've seen it happen once or twice before, in Singapore, but always towards flights bound for Australian. Anyhow, my turn...