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  1. kurtislee09

    Four Points Sheraton Sydney Central Park

    Information: Hotel Name: Four Points by Sheraton Sydney, Central Park Hotel Group: Marriott Room Type: Superior 1 King Stay Duration: 2 days 1 night (18/01/20 -19/01/20) Price: $233 Comments: Location As its name suggests, The hotel is located next to Central Park. It is about 15 minutes away...
  2. kurtislee09

    Is it the wrong time to consider switching from QFF to Velocity?

    I know it could probably be the wrong time to switch from QFF to Velocity, but here are my thoughts that led me here... 1) I am QF Gold now but I sort of wanna go for Platinum, which could be difficult for QFF due to its high SC requirements while Velocity is far more easier. 2) I fly...
  3. kurtislee09

    Blocked Seats but Empty Flight

    Currently waiting for my next flight flying in 717 J. The seat map says it’s all full, I’ll see how will it be once onboard
  4. kurtislee09

    Blocked Seats but Empty Flight

    Hey guys hope you’re staying safe under the current situation. I just have a quick question about my flight (that I’m actually on now). So I’m booked on QF922 up to Cairns and when I checked both the Qantas seat selection map and Expertflyer, many of the seats were blocked. However, when I...
  5. kurtislee09

    Earning points & SC without flying

    Hey guys, so I’ve recently made a booking with Qantas from Sydney to Hong Kong. However due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, I’m a bit reluctant to do the trip. So the question is, will I earn those points and SC if I’m not flying on those flights? Cheers
  6. kurtislee09

    Majestic Minima Hotel Adelaide

    Information: Hotel Name: Majestic Minima Hotel Adelaide Hotel Group: Majestic Hotels Room Type: 1 King Standard Stay Duration: 2 days 1 night (18/01/20 -19/01/20) Price: $92 (booked via Expedia) Comments: Location This hotel is located in North Adelaide, about 15 minutes (walking distance) away...
  7. kurtislee09

    Holiday Inn Express Brisbane Review

    I would've thought the same!
  8. kurtislee09

    Holiday Inn Express Brisbane Review

    That lady must be having a feast in her room and she's enjoying the food! Wow mate 35000 points that's a lot. I hope you're enjoying your stay
  9. kurtislee09

    Ibis Budget Sydney Airport

    Information: Hotel Name: Ibis Budget Sydney Airport Hotel Group: Accorhotels Room Type: Classic Room, 1 Queen Bed Stay Duration: 2 days 1 night (12/11/19-13/11/19) Price: $134 (+$12 for breakfast buffet) Rate: Summer Saver Rate Comments: The hotel is sitting right next to the more superior...
  10. kurtislee09

    JQ Fleet renewal

    The wow factor to me on these NEOs is the USB charging port
  11. kurtislee09

    JQ Fleet renewal

    Haha I wonder what the load factor would be in this route. Also, I’d love to give it a try if this route does happen to become a reality
  12. kurtislee09

    Holiday Inn Express Brisbane Review

    In that case I would shower with my clothes on 🤣
  13. kurtislee09

    Need Help Deciding which Loyalty Program to Join...

    Thanks for your in-depth analysis. I've had a look at the Marriott program, but while I like their lifetime membership and how posh everything just looks like, I don't think I'll be able to afford their luxury brands all the time; IHG might be my final choice. Cheers
  14. kurtislee09

    Holiday Inn Express Brisbane Review

    I do agree with the privacy of the bathroom. It’s quite revealing and I won’t feel safe if I’m sharing the room with someone else
  15. kurtislee09

    Holiday Inn Express Brisbane Review

    Information: Hotel Name: Holiday Inn Express Brisbane Hotel Group: IHG Room Type: 1 Queen Standard Stay Duration: 3 days 2 night (4/11/19-6/11/19) Price: $260 Rate: Best Flexible Rate (No deposit required) Comments: Upon check-in the staff welcomed me warmly and thanked me for being their...
  16. kurtislee09

    Need Help Deciding which Loyalty Program to Join...

    I'll be doing a 2-3 trips each month so that'd be about 4-6 nights each month.
  17. kurtislee09

    Need Help Deciding which Loyalty Program to Join...

    So I have difficulties deciding which of the following programs to join: IHG or Accor Hotels. I've tried both - IHG: Holiday Inn Express Brisbane; Accor Hotels: The Sebel Auckland & Novotel Cairns. However, having compared my experience in both hotel brands, I still couldn't come to a...
  18. kurtislee09

    HKG Qantas Crew Not Understanding How Premium Boarding Lane Works

    My status with Qantas is SG, hence OW Sapphire equivalent. Here's the story: yesterday I was flying from Hong Kong to Sydney on Qantas in Y and when I was queing up for boarding at the business lane, the ground staff came and check our boarding passes to make sure we're at the correct lane...
  19. kurtislee09

    I'm in the QF Lounge thread

    HKG QF J lounge @1645 (GMT+8)
  20. kurtislee09

    Answered Using the OneWorld Alliance

    I'm not too sure but you can first try and change your personal details particularly for that flight on QF's website or App. If you have no luck succeeding, try and call customer service and they might try to fix it for you. But I'm quite sure that you can't change your FF program on the...