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  1. Ikara

    The grand old days of air travel

    This is from the very early 70's - way before many of you were born. Such wonderful times!
  2. Ikara

    In case you have been wondering.......... [What Oz Airport Terminals Currently look like inside]

    ............what the airports are looking like at the moment. Here are some snaps taken on Wednesday. Pic #'s 16 & 20 are Adelaide at 0745 on Wednesday travelling JQ to Sydney. Pic #'s 25 & 26 are Sydney on arrival. As described by SWMBO - eerily quiet!
  3. Ikara

    Reliable hire car in Melbourne

    I'm seeking a recommendation for a hire car and driver in Melbourne please. My 80 year old sister in law is travelling to Melbourne next week and out to Ferntree Gully. My wife (her sister) would normally accompany her but she is already in Melbourne - third sister is ill. I need a reliable...
  4. Ikara

    Apparent "near miss" at Melbourne

    FWIW My wife, daughter and two grand-daughters were on JQ773 (ADL - MEL) this morning. I received the following SMS from my daughter...... "Plane was descending and next minute shot off up through the clouds at high speed, engines roaring...apparently we were about to land on top of another...
  5. Ikara

    What the.................. [Comped WP!]

    I retired 10 years ago and after one final year as Platinum I had a "soft" landing to Life Time Gold. I was fine with this as my travel these days is the barest minimum. I do one trip ADL-SYD-ADL in December for a long standing (30 years) Xmas lunch and I may do one trip to Melbourne during the...
  6. Ikara

    Oldest flying 747 finally grounded

    Oldest flying 747 finally grounded, 47 years after first flightTo put that in a linear context, 47 years ago was 1970. Then, 47 years before that was 1923. Can you imagine a commercial 1923 aircraft still carrying passengers in 1970? Says a hell of a lot about design and ongoing...
  7. Ikara

    "Pay as you go" lounges in Hong Kong

    Mrs Ikara and her friend are travelling to Europe later this year for a river cruise. They are flying Premium Economy Cathay Pacific ADL - HKG - AMS. They have a 10 hour layover in Hong Kong. They don't want to leave the airport so I'm looking for a lounge that they can visit while they are...
  8. Ikara

    That's NOT airline food..................

    .............this is airline food! These vintage photographs of meals being served on board Scandivanian Airlines (SAS) flights from the 1950s until the 1980s have been released by the airline to mark its 70th anniversary. Here we present some of the highlights...
  9. Ikara

    Do I have a shadow.........

    ........or am I being paranoid? I don't travel much these days - I did my third trip this year yesterday - ADL/SYD return. As a LTG, for each of my three trips I have been able to choose an exit aisle seat at no cost - very comfortable, thank-you very much. Each of the flights has been near...
  10. Ikara

    Qantas CC Booking Fee

    I couldn't find an appropriate thread, so here goes. When booking with Qantas I always opt to pay with B-pay and this way I avoid the $7 CC booking fee. My last two bookings have been a mixture of pay one-way and points return. Qantas do not allow the use of B-pay if points are involved, so...
  11. Ikara

    Atlanta Airport - 1956

    This link will take you to a series of photos taken at the Atlanta Georgia airport in 1956. Probably well before most of you were born - and, yes, we did fly in those days too! Plenty of Martin 404's, Constellations, DC-7's and a Viscount. Note how the travellers travelled in the 50's. Also...
  12. Ikara

    The Joys of the LCC

    Mrs Ikara is currently in the UK on a walking tour with a group from South Australia. They flew from Santorini in Greece to Gatwick yesterday on easyJet. She had no choice as it was booked by the tour organisers. I did warn her about excess baggage on easyJet before she left two weeks ago, but...
  13. Ikara

    A Quandry???

    Back in the early 90's when I was playing golf, I came second in a Qantas Masters golf event here in Adelaide. The prize was a golf club travel bag emblazoned with "Qantas Masters" and the Qantas Logo in gold. Unfortunately I can no longer play golf due to bad arthritis in my hands. We are in...
  14. Ikara

    Virgin Announcement - Adelaide????????

    Local radio here in Adelaide is promo-ing an interview with Virgin's JB tomorrow, during which he will be making an "exciting" (their words) announcement about Virgin flights and Adelaide. Does anyone have any insight as to what it might be?? JB
  15. Ikara

    The secret airline you can't fly on

    A flight attendant with a major US carrier for the past 15 years, sheds some light on what could be the world’s most mysterious carrier. This would definitely make a great trip report. Click on the following link. The secret airline you can JB
  16. Ikara

    Identifying New Threads Vs New Posts

    I'm sure the answer to this is staring me in the face, but I can't see it. I did have more than a "boy's look"! When I log onto AFF I go straight to "New Posts" and can often times be met with 8+ pages of new posts as it might have been a while since I last logged on. I then have to wade...
  17. Ikara

    Periodic Table of Airlines

    I hadn't seen this before and thought it might generate some interest/discussion. JB
  18. Ikara

    Planes collide on tarmac at Melbourne Airport

    Just received a phone call from my daughter who has a friend on a Virgin flight to Qld. Apparently two virgin aircraft have collided on the tarmac at Adelaide with significant damage. No injuries as far as I know. I'm unable to find anything on main stream media. JB
  19. Ikara

    A350 video

    My apologies if this has been posted previously - I had a look but couldn't find anything. This is pretty good....great to see a new aircraft in theskies, and this one without a self-igniting feature built into it! http://www.a350xwb.com/#x-tra/magazine-03/ JB
  20. Ikara

    On-line booking problem

    The following post was made on an ex-military site that I frequent. Can anyone here suggest the best way to handle this for a quick response. The guy in question is a TPI. I have to fly to Brisbane from Airlie for a few tests. my Wife and I booking with Jetstar on line, go through the process...