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  1. J

    Gold FF access to Emirates Partner Lounges

    Probably a numpty question, but can Gold FFs access Emirates partner lounges eg one in Athens....I am thinking not but just wanted to check with more seasoned lounge users
  2. J

    Question about AFF Gold level privileges

    Probably more directed at the admins, but I was curious if I could sign up for gold membership (as I'm the one who uses this site) and let my wife use the discounted QF Club corporate rate? She has just started a fly in fly out job and I wanted to sign her up obviously as cheaply as possible :p
  3. J

    Transfering AMEX Lounge guest passes

    VFF, I'm currently a Plat and was wondering if it is possible to transfer two lounge passes I received as an Velocity AMEX card holder which expire in Dec this year? They aren't any use to me and she has a few flights to take by herself with work so I'd love for her to be able to pop into...
  4. J

    Trip report (sort of) with a difference

    Unfortunately no photos allowed, but today I had the opportunity to head off on a B737 training sortie. I was allowed to sit in the jump seat for a departure and landing which for non-pilot was very eye opening. Taxi out was pretty straight forward with the crew monitoring ground traffic as...
  5. J

    Golds make your voices heard regarding the new seating choice arrangements!

    Fully understand VA making the changes and giving Plats first crack at rows 3-6, but for us to only access a choice of them at the airport and fight the masses....well I think that is quite disappointing. I strongly urge all of you Golds on this forum to use the feedback form on the velocity...
  6. J

    DJ WOAG Flexi & Upgrading

    Just a tip for our WOAG users. If you have a DJ WOAG Flexi booked and want to upgrade it, it has to be M class, not D class.
  7. J

    Noob upgrade request question!

    So if I'm travelling QF say ADL-TVL on the one booking and the flights Ive booked has two legs and different FLT numbers (ADL-BNE & BNE TVL), if I wanted to upgrade is it per leg or the total distance? Ta in advance!
  8. J

    Virgin Business Class Trip Report ADL-MEL-PER Return

    Had a boys weekend away in Perth so I decided to grab a few pics of my DJ Business class experience to share with the forum. Decided that I needed to go via Melbourne so I could have the A330 for the same price as direct flights. Fri 7 Dec ADL-PER Started off by spending a few hours in...
  9. J

    Busted IFE in a Row 1 seat on one of the new A330s

    As per title, I do recall reading a post a while back about a row 1 seat on either xfc-d-f with busted IFE which had not been fixed over a number of weeks. Can somone who was on the bird tell me which seat it was so I can avoid it. Thanks in advance!
  10. J

    Glitch with JASA Velocity Reward Flights

    Noticed yesterday while looking for flights that a number of rates for JASA flights Oct-onwards, were close to the old rates points & pay wise. But when you move onto confirm, these fares come up as SAVER. Just a heads up so no one gets caught out. My initial excitement was somewhat saddened :lol:
  11. J

    Virgin Business Trip Report ADL-SYD-DWN-PER-SYD MEL-SYD-ADL & JQ Y SYD-MEL

    Good mate of mine from Darwin was having his 40th birthday so I thought it was a good idea to make the trek up from Adelaide. I made sure I took advantage of the old points and pay in J on Virgin before it was removed, plus a JQ35 flight so I could use my QF F lounge pass before it ran out in...
  12. J

    CSM Names for a few flights I took in the last few weeks

    So my mobile phone has taken a massive dump and I've lost a bunch of photos and notes I took of some recent J class DJ flights, which of course is disappointing as I wanted to share them in a trip report. More importantly I wanted to send into Virgin some feedback on each of the legs and just...
  13. J

    'Virgin' Virgin Business Class Trip Report ADL-PER Return

    My second trip report so I hope it’s acceptable! Took the opportunity to book a trip from Adelaide to Perth return on Virgin Business while there was still the 30 Jun Points and Pay old rate glitch which Virgin eventually got round to fixing. Purpose was for me to try the A330 on one of the...
  14. J

    ADL - SYD (QF) SYD - HNL (JQ) J return

    I posted this report on FT so apologies if some of you might have seen it, but I thought it was worth sharing here as well. It was my first attempt at a TR and you'll have to excuse the quality of some of the photos as they were taken with my phone camera. So I was given the opportunity to...
  15. J

    DJ 459 BNE- DRW J Meals? Departs at 2045

    Hi all, Was thinking of treating the missus to J class on a run to Darwin on DJ459. Flight departs Brisbane at 2045 and I was wondering do we get the full three course meal for dinner at that time of departure given the flight is 4:15? Anyone know if that is the case or if we only get a...