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    StGeorge Amplify Signature - 80,000 QFF bonus points for $0 fee

    Hi Woodyren, Where is the bonus 20k Qantas offer from? Thanks Phillippe
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    Question EK Kuala Lumpur check in time?

    Can anyone confirm how early you are able to check in for EK flights at Kuala Lumpur? Next Friday (7/6) we are doing DRW-SIN-KUL (MI804 / SQ106) and arrive in KUL at 9:30am. Our next flight on another booking is EK347 at 7:20pm. Our plan is to book the for the day at the Sama-Sama Express...
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    New [Amex] statement credits

    Correct, you can also use them at Joyce Mayne.
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    New [Amex] statement credits

    Shop Small Enrollment Site Page
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    New [Amex] statement credits

    That is pretty standard, I have found with other multi use ones (Vouge), once you first claim it, it moves to the redeemed list, but will still let you use it for the remainder of valid uses.
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    DRW-SYD on QF for $102?

    It has been like that since early Friday morning, but like everyone else, I haven't been able to find any at that price.
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    Answered Hotel With A Lounge In Bangkok

    I would highly recommend the Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok.
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    AY RTW Sale

    Are these fare options also available starting from SIN or DPS?
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    Donghai Airlines to commence DRW-SZX Direct

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    New [Amex] statement credits

    Slightly off topic to your post, but when we stayed at Hilton Sydney earlier this month they would only let us split the bill over 3 credit cards, so ended up missing out on one of the credits. Not sure if this is the same at all of the hotels
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    New [Amex] statement credits

    Its across multiple spends. McDonald's Spend $15 or more, get $5 back Valid until 31/12/2017 Save the offer to your eligible Card and spend $15 or more, in one or more transactions, in-store at McDonald's or in-app via the mymacca's ordering app by 31/12/2017 to receive one $5 credit. Limited...
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    New [Amex] statement credits

    Would you just not purchase a gift card at one of the other stores to use in the excluded stores above?
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    New [Amex] statement credits

    Last year the two Sydney City David Jones stores came up as two different retailers. Can anyone confirm this from today?
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    NAB Platinum Rewards, 80k points, $0 fee, $2500 spend.

    What reason do most people give for cancelling their card?
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    New [Amex] statement credits

    You only need to spend $100 for free postage at DJ's :)
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    A sad goodbye to M*****0 (passport expiry)

    Is there a list of countries that don't require the 6 months validity on the passports?
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    EY redemptions on Brussels Airlines

    I tried to make some bookings in December last year and didn't have any luck with availability. You have to go through the call centre for these ones.
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    Etihad Earning with VA

    Thanks for that Bagpuss, I totally understand what you are saying. I guess it is the wording on the Velocity website, which the way I read it, has it the other way.
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    Etihad Earning with VA

    That is the part which makes it confusing and question if it is just on the "miles" or on what a "red member" would earn. Which can work out to be two very different amounts.
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    Etihad Earning with VA

    Hi all, Just have a question regarding the bonus points for Silver/Gold/Platinum members. The have that the bonus points refers to the minimum number of Points (base) that can be earned for an eligible activity or transaction by a Red member. So my partner (red) any myself (silver) flew J (in...