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  1. TonyHancock

    A DYKWIA Trapped in Blighty

    2020 was supposed to be my Annus mirabilis, my swan song or even my grand finale. After more than 12 years of almost constant travel my retirement beckoned. How I yearned for my days of freedom, admittedly Griselda was still in negotiations with British Airways over something called “status”, I...
  2. TonyHancock

    'Alan Joyce has Qantas stuck in stunt mode'

    Interesting piece in the AFR this morning. I believe it is behind a paywall but not sure if AFR allows limited access. The last couple of paragraphs made me smile Alan Joyce has Qantas stuck in stunt mode
  3. TonyHancock

    35% Bonus on Hotel Points Transfer to BA Avios

    OK it is not as good as it used to be, but what is these days? BA is offering a 35% bonus on points transfers from hotel programs. For those who have endured the great Amex points devaluation this is the opportunity to have a small win. (That is if you had your Amex points doubled.) It is time...
  4. TonyHancock

    GGL Experiences

    Now that a few members are moving in the general direction of BA and seeking GFL I thought it might be appropriate to start a GGL thread. Whilst it is easy to see how this might become a bit of a challenge to the wonderfully comical QF Platinum One thread I hope we can avoid the whole "a crew...
  5. TonyHancock

    The Tony Hancock "Frequent Flyer Stockholm Syndrome" Quiz

    As promised............. After not even several seconds of work, less than scientific research and absolutely no testing on the general public the Tony Hancock "Frequent Flyer Stockholm Syndrome" quiz is finally complete. (Ten key questions with multiple choice answers.) Please answer all...
  6. TonyHancock

    Changes to GUF processing - Bookings Direct with BA

    @madrooster posted this thread a few days ago highlighting an improvement in GUF processing using a travel agent....but it gets better! It has been widely reported on FT that GUF's could be processed in the same way for direct bookings with BA. This means that as long as there is A, I, or T...
  7. TonyHancock

    BA and "The House" at SYD

    So....after taking the train, I avoid the livestock truck, I arrived at check in for BA16......and was somewhat surprised to be given an invitation to "The House" rather than pointed towards the QF F lounge. So what is going on there then? More BA cost cutting attempts? As an aside fast track...
  8. TonyHancock

    That 3% Overseas Commission Fee

    I have a question - specific to American Express Australia cards Has anyone experienced a transaction where goods and services were not provided or the transaction was fraudulent, in a foreign currency, and (Amex) the supplier has supplied a credit? If so did they Amex credit the 3% commission...
  9. TonyHancock

    Here is British Airways’ all-new Club World business class.

    BA is introducing a new Club World Seat on it's A350 BRITISH AIRWAYS WELCOMES ITS NEW A350 AIRCRAFT AND UNVEILS ITS NEW BUSINESS CLASS 'CLUB SUITE' I am hugely disappointed. As a BA Stockhom Syndrome sufferer I am appalled that BA has been forced into this move and away from the wonderful...
  10. TonyHancock

    Points, Points, My Kingdom for Points (or not so much?)

    April 15th 2019, the day of The Great American Express Points Devaluation, or Devaluation Day as I am sure it will become known in the future, is actually a day I am looking forward to. :eek: You see, my devaluation day was the day Amex reduced the transfer rate to SPG/Marriott and after the...
  11. TonyHancock

    Four flights, Four Seats, and a Bankruptcy

    “……..Ms Pugh it is 3PM and you have disturbed my afternoon nap.” It was mid-December and I was in, a rather cold, Blighty again and had no idea what Griselda was doing bothering me. “Mr Hancock it appears that Bestjet has gone into administration.” Quite why Griselda thought this news was...
  12. TonyHancock

    Amex Plat Charge Card - $1450 of Customer Service!

    Whilst the debate, and fight, rages between Amex and its customers over the 2019 Great Points Devaluation I find myself locked in an almost continuous dispute with a Customer Service Department that is day by day wearing down my will to live. Apparently, so I am now told, when you renew your...
  13. TonyHancock

    Thanks for your xx Years with us

    I have had cause to ring Amex three times in the last couple of days, and have become a little jaded at the constant thanks for your xx years of loyalty. What is that all about then? I do understand the personal touch and valuing the customer but it all sounds so fake. That said Amex does a...
  14. TonyHancock

    Life after Lifetime Gold

    Whilst reading the thread about lounge use I came across a post about LTG and it made me ask myself a few questions. I suspect many here are asking themselves the same questions. LTG, for me, is an insurance policy. I have gone as far as I can with QF and for a number of reasons credit my...
  15. TonyHancock

    Answered Still Value in Diners?

    This is becoming more complicated than a Fred Perry tasting menu........but dare I say more interesting!! :p So.....I think there is still some value left in Diners. :shock: :shock: :shock: The Amex Plat charge is my go to card for restaurants, 3 points per $, travel 2 points per $ and...
  16. TonyHancock

    SkyTrax - Top 100 Airlines in 2017

    ....and here it is the Skytrax top 100 airlines for 2017. The World's Top 100 Airlines in 2017
  17. TonyHancock

    The Tony Hancock "Are You a Self or Business Funded Flyer?" Quiz

    As promised............. After not even several seconds of work, less than scientific research and absolutely no testing on the general public the Tony Hancock "Are You a Self or Business Funded Flyer?" quiz is finally complete. (Ten key questions with multiple choice answers.) Please answer...
  18. TonyHancock

    How Do I cut My Long Haul J costs to Europe?

    I have become a bit lax, I thought I was getting some good pricing on my trips to Europe but it seems that is not the case. :( I have got myself into a pattern of taking ex EU BA flights, predominantly from SVG, to MEL which is giving me an average cost of roughly $4400.00 per trip. I took a...
  19. TonyHancock

    Why is a Self Funded Flight Different?

    I'm trying to get my head around the whole "self funded" flight scenario that appears to be so important to many on AFF. :?: Last year I timed both my self funded and business flights to the UK and within a few minutes they were pretty much the same. The mileage was exactly the same according...
  20. TonyHancock

    One Hancock, One Harridan and too much Habromania

    This year promises less travel, although Griselda informs me I will be visiting Blighty on at least five occasions, presumably via some far off place in Norway again.. Thanks to Griselda’s incompetence I am, alas, unable to make my customary January trip to China. She failed to realize that...