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    Breaking: Man Panic Spends Velocity Points On Fancy Juicer Amid Virgin Flight Suspension Chaos

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    Virgin (and QF) re-starting overseas flights

    Flights to LA, Hong Kong, Auckland are back on with government assistance to get more people home. https://www.smh.com.au/national/mercy-flights-thousands-of-stranded-australians-to-fly-home-20200403-p54gy4.html
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    Velocity Lounge on arrival with luggage

    Hi all. I have a work trip booked, and I will be going directly from arriving at Sydney airport to a sports game, without going home first. What I want to do is access the Sydney lounge on arrival (I'm Gold), to have something to eat and do some work emails, get changed into my soccer...
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    booking a codeshare leg for VFF SCs

    I have a question about code share arrangements, and how they may be used in order to get Velocity SCs… or not. I want to fly from Stockholm to Reykjavik and back to Copenhagen. The airports are served by several airlines but none that are Velocity partners. However, SAS flies between them...
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    SCs on a leg added by VA?

    Quick one for anyone with experience in this. We booked Syd - Christchurch, which has been cancelled and we have been moved to Syd - Bris - Christchurch, so we have 1 extra leg to fly now. If this has happened to you, did you get SCs for the extra flight that Virgin put you on? Thanks - this...
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    Maintain status/soft landing dumb question

    Just trying to clarify something here. I am WP. I won't make the 800 SCs before my review date in Dec '19. First question: this means I will "soft land" to SG for the next year, right? Which means I need 400 SCs to maintain SG before Dec '20. I have a family holiday planned this October, and...
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    Emergency in OOL lounge

    The espresso machine is offline for repairs! A tech has the top off it and is tinkering with the insides. It's nearly 3pm - an inability to provide coffee is going to result in a disaster declaration. If you're reading this we are still alive but please send help! :(
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    Headphone adapters in SQ

    Does SQ economy give you the 1 to 2-prong adapter to use your own headphones with standard 3.5mm plug, or do you need to BYO?
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    Need advice on booking an efficient family trip

    Hi all, hoping someone can help this noob navigate all the options that I have to maximise use of points. Summary: - Want to book a family trip to UK/France/Holland (with a Singapore stopover both ways) in Sept-Oct 2018. - There are 4 of us - 2 adults and 2 kids under 12. - I'm Velocity Gold...