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  1. robd

    Kentucky Bourbon

    For the record, I'm not a bourbon drinker, but had an opportunity to visit the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience, so when in Rome... This tour is situated on 'Whiskey Row' in Louisville Kentucky and is informative and enjoyable. Evan Williams is one of the Heaven Hill Distillery's brands who...
  2. robd

    Kentucky - Thunder Over Louisville.

    I just returned from Kentucky yesterday, where I visited my daughter who is currently residing there. If anyone has an itinerary with nearby destinations in late April, I can highly recommend adding in 'Thunder Over Louisville' for a fantastic day out. 'Thunder Over Louisville' features one of...
  3. robd

    Nashville - Stay Alfred 505

    Just completed a 2 night side trip to Nashville and can highly recommend Stay Alfred 505 on Church Street. The apartment is fully self contained with family sized fridge, oven and microwave, full length glass windows, decent sized bathroom (we requested walk-in shower, but I believe you can also...
  4. robd

    IPhone and Automated Menu Doesn't Work.

    I am currently in Amsterdam using my iPhone 6 and trying to call Australian business that has automated menu (ie. Press 1 for X). The call is going through ok, but my menu selections aren't being recognised, so I can't get to the person I want to speak to. The carrier is T-Mobile NL and it's a...
  5. robd

    Flights All Waitlist - Book Return or One Way?

    Sorry guys, I did search but couldn't find the answer. I currently have waitlisted flights for July booked as returns (3 x combos of the same flights) MEL-xSIN-FRA (same return). Is it better to book the flights separately ie. outgoing, MEL-xSIN-FRA and then incoming, if all are currently...
  6. robd

    Booking VA to US and onward Delta Flights Thru VA

    Sorry if this question has been posed and answered, but I couldn't find a related thread on this topic. Jnr needs to get to SDF (Louisville, Kentucky) from BNE. The flights are bookable on 3rd party websites, but not online via VA website. She phoned VA and they will book them, but they are...
  7. robd

    Not Sure of Return Date - Best Booking Option?

    So I have Jnr#2 heading back to AMS in March from MEL with no problem booking the outgoing flight, but she is unsure of a return date. What is the best option in this scenario? Book a return 12 months out or book a one way? Can you extend a return date past 12 months (paying the fee)?
  8. robd

    Possible TSA Theft in Kentucky.

    I got a disturbing phone (messenger) call from Jnr#1 this afternoon. She flew from Louisville to Chicago today. After she had arrived at the hotel in Chicago, her phone alarm went off signifying that it's time for her to take her medication. She opened the front zip pocket of her backpack to...
  9. robd

    Concorde Returning to the Skies?

    Just saw this on the news and reported here:- Concorde: Supersonic airliner to return to the skies Given the opportunity, I'd love to fly it, just once at least.
  10. robd

    Shoreham Air Show Crash

    A terrible accident. Thoughts are with the families - very sad. Plane crashes at Shoreham Air Show in Brighton, England
  11. robd

    Double Decker Skybus Melbourne

    Couldn't find that it's been reported here, so Mods, please delete if it has. Airport City Express now running double decker buses. I still think we need a rail link.
  12. robd

    White House Tour Washington.

    Just been googling White House tours, which apparently, are available by contacting the Australian Embassy in Washington to book. A search of the forum returned nothing. Just wondering if anyone has done the tour and whether it was worth the trouble?
  13. robd

    MEL-LAX Reward Booking - Which A/C & Which Way?

    I'm in the early stages of planning a trip to USA (& Cabo) next year. It's a family trip and everyone will, most likely, be travelling in Y. I thought I might shout my sibling, and myself of course, the trip over in business using my points. I am aware how hard it is to get direct flights to...
  14. robd

    Economy Classic Award - Change Fee for Return Flight?

    Jnr#2 wants to head back to AMS for approximately 6 months. I can get her a return flight using 140,000 QFF points plus ~ $480. Is it possible to change the return date once the outbound flight has been taken? Is there a change fee? Any advice would be appreciated.
  15. robd

    7.9 Magnitude Earthquake Nepal

    Reportedly, more than 150 dead - 7.9 magnitude earthquake rattles Nepal near Katmandu -
  16. robd

    LHR Airport Transfers

    Does anyone have any recent experience and recommendations for transfer car/pre book taxi from LHR to London City (E1)? Jnr#2 is doing her first solo overseas trip with ETA 18:55 and is not confident enough to tackle the train involving a couple of line changes. I've had a look at a few...
  17. robd

    Delta Flight Skids Off Runway at LaGuardia Airport

    Lucky it stopped where it did - Delta flight skids off runway at LaGuardia Airport: Local media reports.
  18. robd

    Air France "Young" Fare (18-24).

    Note to Mods - please delete/move if info has already been posted elsewhere. I spent the weekend trying to sort Jnr#2's intra Europe flights between LHR-AMS-ATH-BERLIN-CDG (all one way). I tried numerous 3rd party sites, which is where I found most of the flights, but booked the majority on...
  19. robd

    Hilton Surfers Paradise Deal

    I just received this email this morning from Getaways - Heavenly Hilton Luxury amid the Glitz & Glamour of the Gold Coast Deals & Discounts. Unbeatable Daily Deals on
  20. robd

    Emergency Help Please - Motels/Hotels Near Darwin Hospital.

    Jnr#1 received a very distressing call from her BFF at about 5.30pm this afternoon. Long story short, BFF's dad is a FIFO oil rig worker, returning to work offshore near Darwin I think (I don't know exact details). He has just had a massive heart attack, is in ICU and on a ventilator. Jnr...