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Search results

  1. bosox76

    Access to Melbourne F Lounge flying China Airlines (CI) as a QF codeshare

    Just thought that I’d share a little experience from the other night. Mrs B, Infant B and I were flying MEL-TPE in J on China Airlines (CI58) but booked through and ticketed by QF as flight QF360. The check in staff at the CI desk kept telling us that as J pax we had access to the Maharba...
  2. bosox76

    Flying AA Dreamliner on US domestic routes (DFW-LAX)?

    Sorry if this has been brought up previously, did a search and couldn't find it. Mods please merge if needed. I am doing a search of some flights for our upcoming Jan trip to the US and one of the options for our DFW to LAX flight appears to be a B788. I was under the assumption that AA were...
  3. bosox76

    QF93 delayed

    Not sure why yet, but it appears QF93 has been delayed at least 13 hours. All the more lounge time!
  4. bosox76

    Dash 8 last minute swaps

    I have previously found the Dash 8's to be quite a reliable service, but twice in the last 2 weeks I've had a last minute plane swap leading to 3 hour delays. Now of course I would prefer to arrive safely than not but was just wondering if Qantas have shifted their maintenance of these aircraft...