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    Not happy about qantas mag today

    I always enjoy the Qantas magazine. Have seen the advertisement many times and never dreamt that it could possibly offend anyone. I happen to think that this issue is the best issue I can recall.
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    Grammar Discussions

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    West End Theatre Tix

    I usually book directly through the theatre website. Avoids agent booking fees. Many theatres use "print at home" tickets which avoids queuing to collect tickets.
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    Should I feel aggrieved by this (Qantas)

    I am pleased you are keeping it under control!
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    Random questions about Concorde

    I had the great fortune to travel on Concorde on a genuine economy fare. In 1988, London held some sort of trade fair in Budapest and flew the officials on Concorde. The normal plane for the flight I was booked on from Budapest to London was replaced by Concorde. Great to watch it land; very...
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    What's up with Emirates?

    Three flights with Emirates over the past 2 years. Y from BKK to SYD. Very crammed, flight attendants quite aggressive and in a rush. Not a good experience. Flight from DXB to ADL in J in April this year. Really enjoyed it; great service and food. The angle flat bed was better than I expected...
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    Suggestions for SYD hotel with a high view

    I have never been disappointed with either "Harbour Bridge view" or "Opera House view" at the IC. The view from the Club Lounge is outstanding.
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    Book with SIA or VA

    I booked ADL-BOM return with SIA in February. Gave my Velocity FF number which was recorded on all boarding passes. Only ever received points for two of the four segments. I tried claiming missing points on the Virgin site 4 or 5 times but receieved no response and no points. So good luck!
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    MEL First lounge joins PER RSA push

    Have to disagree here, haven't found many of their posts to be inciteful. Definitely insightful though.
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    Three Days in London

    I suggest investigating Camden Market. Interesting area and extensive markets.
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    Claiming points through Velocity.

    I flew Singapore Airlines in February return to BOM. Booking had my Velocity number. Only one way was credited. Tried claiming through Virgin website three or four times but absolutely no response, not even an acknowledgement. Was almost persuaded by the SIA experience to fly with them again...
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    Grammar Discussions

    My understanding is that the origin is French and that the US pronunciation of loo is closer to the original than lef. Maybe has some connection with "in lieu of".
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    Grammar Discussions

    Yes, "different to" has found its way into common usage, unfortunately. I think we would not say that "A differs to B" but, rather, "A differs from B", so "different from" is preferable.
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    Hotels: a general critique

    plugs in sink/bath that do their job.
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    Grammar Discussions

    lying and laying
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    Grammar Discussions

    Apologies if these have already appeared: Compliment v complement discrete v discreet confectionary v confectionery (a more subtle difference, I think, than between stationary and stationery)
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    Bob Carr slags off business class

    Definitely not tongue in cheek SamR. I have suggested to Qantas on a couple of occasions that they should include some Opera Australia productions on their IFE. I would love to see them. I think that the range of classical music is fairly limited but particularly opera.
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    Bob Carr slags off business class

    I have to say that he should be thankful that he can sit and watch a Wagner opera on SIA. Something sadly lacking on QF in my opinion.
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    Heads up about program changes

    I have not tried to determine how these changes affect me, but as someone who mostly travels discount economy with one or two JASA international trips to help maintain WP, I suspect I will be worse off. I have been an intensely loyal Qantas customer but am beginning to think that Qantas sees me...
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    Interesting lounge announcements - Have you heard any?

    Not a lounge announcement but whilst waiting for luggage at Mel International airport after a flight last year an announcement was made along these lines "Emirates would like to apologise for the delay in the availability of duty free goods. The delay was due to the inability of staff to read...