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    Question JAL domestic bookings via JAL website - how far in advance can you book?

    I am trying to book some flights in Japan for January 2020, and via the JAL website I get an error message saying: "Sorry, we do not offer flights on your requested route and/or date. When using Transit Fare 7 or Transit Fare 28, individual flight portions cannot be changed. Please delete the...
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    Question QF Codeshare with Air France - I cannot see any inventory for F on QF flight numbers...

    I know this was discussed last year but after trawling through the post could not find an answer.... Does anyone know why there is never any F inventory for QF flights on AF metal? I am planning a trip to Paris next year and want to fly QF/AF in F and it seems impossible. There is F inventory...
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    Duty Free booze - why is it still a thing???

    I have been wondering this for ages now..... why do people continue to buy alcohol in Duty Free shops in Australian airports? Up until last year I would travel to NZ 6x a year for nearly 10 years, and every time I would compare the prices of Champagne with both NZ & Australian Duty Free...
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    Tokyo Narita T2 oneworld (plus EK) lounge reviews

    Hi guys, Thought I would share my experience/opinions with regard to the Oneworld Lounges at Tokyo Narita Terminal 2. Yesterday, due to me arriving at the airport fairly early, combined with the delayed departure of my flight, I was able to leisurely make my way around all 8 of the lounges...
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    Question Can I add QF 11/12 to an existing QF93/94 ticket?

    I am booked on QF 93/94 (booked direct through Qantas) and now decided to go to New York instead (at least in one direction). Does anyone know if Qantas allows you to add the QF11/12 leg to the already existing PNR? Does that satisfy the "international" rule with regard to US domestic flights?
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    Question 1 day in Naha - any tips?

    Hey guys, So I am going to Naha for the very first time - the only place in Japan I have never been! It's a bit of a whirlwind tour but I have a day and a night of free time on my own in Naha and was wondering if anyone has any ideas/advice. I don't really care for the beach (I live in...
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    American Airlines - USA Domestic - Review/Opinion

    Over the past 2 years I have been doing quite a lot of domestic flights on American within the USA – more than 30 flights – on a variety of routes, in both First and Economy. So I think I have a large enough sample to make an informed opinion, which I thought I would share with you all. Like...
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    QF Double Status Credit Promos - I am not 100% sure I follow the logic anymore...

    Bear with me a moment..... the first time I remember any kind of status credit "promo" was in 2009 during the GFC. The company I was working for went bust and I went from 15x international business trips a year on QF to zero. Needless to say, I was jobless and grounded (pun intended). So keeping...
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    How to get free food & booze flying JQ on a classic rewards ticket

    I don’t know if this well known amongst QFF – I certainly didn’t know – but it is something I stumbled across the other day and I thought I would share it with you… When redeeming QF points for a JQ classic reward seat, it is always frustrating to me that advance seat selection is not possible...
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    QF domestic 28-day advance purchase Business Class - not worth the pain

    I don’t post often but thought I would share with you a recent Qantas horror story. So awful that it has actually made me seriously consider “divorcing” my relationship with the airline… As a QF Plat member who arranges all of his own travel directly through Qantas, and checks-in online etc., I...
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    Excellent QF Experience

    I thought I would share with you all an excellent experience I had on Qantas last Friday night. MEL-SYD in J, seat 1A. It was a 767 with a 1-2-2 config. The lounge at MEL was really nice and clean and not too crowded. The staff-member at the door was disinterested but not really rude; I...
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    QF crew in J cabin - how appropriate?

    Ok so this has probably been discussed before but at risk of being labelled a Qantas-basher I wanted to share my recent experience and see what others think. I have always been a little iffy about Qantas' policy of putting their crew, in uniform, in business class when they are paxing between...
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    APEC Business Travel Card Renewal

    Does anybody know how/where these can be renewed?
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    Why does QF collect headsets in Y cabin up to an hour before landing???

    I have never understood this on international flights. The cynical side of me thinks its because the FAs are lazy and want to make sure they can get off the plane asap when it lands. So the other day when this happened, I asked: "Excuse me, why do you collect the headsets so early?" I was...
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    Is QF possibly the worst airline in the world?

    I know that this is a topic done to death, but as a Plat FF I expect to be talked to like a person rather than a dog. Recently I was on Air Asia on a $10 fare in Malaysia... not status, no food, no nothing... but friendly smiley staff. So why can't the Qantas Staff in the Melbourne Business...