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    Lounge access in Perth - flying SAA

    As Velocity Gold, do I have any lounge access at PER when flying SAA? VA/SAA seems to be a bit of a funky alliance, so it doesn't appear clear cut. I'm arriving into PER on VA468 around 9pm, and leaving for JNB on SA281 around 11:45pm. VA's partner benefits page says I don't get access to the...
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    Qantas A380 Seat 70D

    I was looking at the seat map for the Qantas A380 on Seat Guru and noticed that there was no seat 70D, and that 70E, F and G where earmarked as being narrower. I was just wondering, if anyone who had been on the plane or knows about it, could tell me what is actually in this open space.
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    Singapore, Europe Trip

    Hi everyone, On Friday I'm leaving on a group trip to Singapore, Turkey, Belgium and Northern France. We were originally going to Thailand as well but our travel agent (Albatross Travel) stuffed up our bookings and to cut a long story short, we're now stopping at Singapore on the way home as...
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    Cheap Flexi Saver

    Just wondering what is going on here? Why would Qantas bother offer there best economy tickets at the cheapest price. I am part of a 40 piece group travelling on that flight presumedly with the cheapest possible economy tickets. Could that be inflating the Red-E-Deal and Sale Fare prices?
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    Type of People in Departure Lounges

    Hi everyone, It just struck me the other day that even though I fly through Brisbane 8 or 9 times a year, I haven't been in the Qantas Pier for over 5 years. Which got me thinking, is there a noticeable difference in the type of people in a Virgin Blue or Jetstar terminal and a Qantas...
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    SE Asia/Turkey/France Itinerary

    Hi Everyone, In about 6 months I am embarking on a trip with a group of around 35 other people and this is our current flight itinerary. Fri/19/09 Mackay / Brisbane 1040-1200 1:20 Virgin Blue DJ948 B737 Fri/19/09 Brisbane /...
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    Concorde Costs

    Back in the day when BA and Air France were still flying Concordes to New York and Washington, how much more was a ticket on a Concorde compared to a ticket on a conventional sub-sonic airliner? I don't know why I'm asking this, I just found a sudden urge to find out.
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    Qantas vs British in Economy

    If I were to fly to London on economy am I better off flying Qantas or British Airways? I am not actually planning a flight but it is just for future reference. The two flights I'm basing this on both take off in Sydney within 20min of each other and land in London within 20min of each...
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    Qantas In-Flight Entertainment

    Hello again, What is Qantas' IFE in economy like. On what flights do they have personal video screens? On what flights do they have AVOD? On what flights do they have games? How often do they update their program list? Or if you have any other details on the Qantas IFE in economy could you...
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    Qantas Classes

    I was looking at the point calculator on the Qantas website and noticed the huge difference between the points earned on 'Discount Economy' and on 'Full Economy'. Could you please tell me which of the following are 'Discount Economy' and which are 'Full Economy'. Sale Fare Red E-deal Super...
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    QANTAS Seat Selection

    Hi everyone. I am flying QANTAS Economy to London Heathrow next year and planning on flying QANTAS. What say do I have when booking my ticket in where I sit. I am not a Qantas Club member and I am only a bronze level frequent flyer. Also is there an advantage in booking my flight earlier or...