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  1. Groundfeeder

    QP in CX Tin

    Not sure if this is best forum, but I'm flying BNE-HKG-FCO (Rome) return ticketed CX PE in Sept and wondering if I have QF/CX Lounge access in HKG and FCO, as the Cathay site and Oneworld rules (guidelines?) are vague to me. Cheers
  2. Groundfeeder

    Waypoint Ingenuity

    Got to congratulate our friends at Airservices Australia in the naming of new RNAV waypoints for approach/departure routes at BNE. The amended departure route from BNE RWY19 for those heading to the Land of The Long White Shroud is now via waypoints MEAND- DADAN-DENIS-LILEE before a hard left...
  3. Groundfeeder

    Discount QP renewal deal

    Just received email from QF offering 10% discount if my (October) QP renewal is paid before 20 June. Anyone else party to this offer??
  4. Groundfeeder

    Qf 649 diversion?

    I noticed on FlightAware that on 25 June QF 649 flew an unusual track from Cairns to Brisbane via Mt Isa (I think, because coords are in Euro terms and I haven't converted them). It appears that QF649 tracked direct to Mt Isa after departing Cairns and was on ground in Mt Isa for about 40 mins...
  5. Groundfeeder

    Tsa dom lock removal

    Arrived in CNS from BNE this afternoon to find my TSA lock gone from my checked-in bag. I have (lesser) locks for other zippers but the primary TSA lock was gone with no damage to the ziplock. Doesn't appear that I've lost anything from my usual tech survey/GPS/cableware - but no explanatory...
  6. Groundfeeder

    QF OLCI Down??

    Can't find the last similar thread but I haven't been able to access OLCI today. Can do "select seats" but OLCI just times out. It has been p*ssing down in Bris today if that's relevant?
  7. Groundfeeder

    Remotely controlled aircraft tug

    Just saw something at DJ BNE last Thursday (Ugh, another party was paying - haven't been down that end of BNE Dom since my Golden Wing days!) I was idly watching a DJ 737 pushing back and realised there was no front tug controlling it. Couldn't be using reverse thrust thought I, then noticed a...
  8. Groundfeeder

    Hobart qp

    Just taking a few days in HBA in December for birthday purposes (it's a b*gger being born a week before Xmas!!) and wondering what I can expect in the HBA QP. Not that its a highlight mind, but it's the only QP I haven't graced yet.
  9. Groundfeeder

    Slow food and Slow drinks

    This has been discussed previously about reductions in QP staff to the extent of not opening the QP bar until 2pm. It grates that I'm unable to enjoy a glass or two with my sumptuous QP salad meal now as my two major CNS & TSV flights depart at 2pm. However in the CNS QP last week I noticed...
  10. Groundfeeder

    Brisbane Airport construction - oh dear.

    If you thought the existing Dom terminal was fun to access and use, here's something to look forward to. I know the end result will be an improvement but after enduring terminal expansions and refurbs for BNE, CNS, TSV, ROK, OOL, SYD etc I don't think I'll still be on the planet when this...
  11. Groundfeeder

    QF delays - anyone got an Exit sign??

    Todays 5pm QF655 CNS-BNE has been delayed due to some rogue who misappropriated an "Exit" sign over the exit-row door. I could assume that this thief was not a status flyer and how the hell did he/she get an exit row seat? The initial boarding was delayed about 10 min (acceptable) but after...
  12. Groundfeeder

    Qf Olci Sleeping - Again?

    I can't get OLCI today either by QF process or alternative basic booking No. The system is failng me when I need it, despite the holiday period:evil:
  13. Groundfeeder

    Qf Anop Survey: Tell Us How Much You Love Us

    Received this survey last Thursday and they're lucky it was my first flight BNE-CNS as QP SG yesterday, with OLCI 738 4F and Business luggage tags that really worked. So good - so far. Good that they didn't offer points instead as a prize.
  14. Groundfeeder

    Idle BNE Baggage carousels

    Can someone enlighten me about why two of the three QF carousels in BNE are not in use? Coming back from CNS last nite there was a major scrum around one carousel servicing 3 or 4 flight numbers with the other two dead as maggots. The scrum gets about 6-8 deep around the entire length and...
  15. Groundfeeder

    Your Crash-8 will be late

    Just out of the cab at ROK airport at 2.30pm and a text message from QP that my QF2307 ROK-GLA-BNE was now delayed from 4pm to 7.30pm departure. Also next (and last) flight to BNE was fully chockers. Thanks QF!! Now there may be worse places than ROK QP to wait for delayed flights as it has 27...
  16. Groundfeeder

    Cairns Temp Qp

    Anyone advise me on whether the temporary Cairns QP is worth visiting now? I've avoided flying from CNS in preference to TSV as the old CNS QP got chokka very quickly for the last southern flights and understood the temp one is even smaller.:confused:
  17. Groundfeeder

    Rockvegas QP re-opened yet?

    Sign of a desperate man I guess, but I heard some time ago that the QP was closed during the renovations at Rockvegas - until Oct? I'm now shaping up for a return to that berg soon, even though I have been able to postpone my trips, but demand is now pushing me hard. I's going to be a...
  18. Groundfeeder

    Empty QF check-ins

    Returning CNS-BNE last Thursday for QF 655 at 1640, I checked in about 1430 to do the usual work finalising in the QP before flying out. There was one staffer in the QP line and one at the far end of the stables for the "groundfeeders" (must be careful here!) in a counter of about 10 lanes...
  19. Groundfeeder

    Qantas Cabin Bags

    Bit O/T and not a plug, but a replacement Qantas fabric cabin bag I bought in April shat one of its front zips. It replaced an older one because of its hard life but I liked this product. Despite being out of the guarantee replacement period, the supplier replaced this bag with a new one...
  20. Groundfeeder

    Crash-8 Q400 balancing act

    Thought I may have mistakenly boarded a Deathstar A330 last Tuesday evening for my late evening flight to Rockvegas! The first 4 rows on the Q400 were empty with pax filling seats from row 5 for a fairly fully loaded aircraft. I can only assume that this must have been full of mainly...