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  1. Tygeray

    Question Which place is best for wine tours?

    South Australia if you have time, Barossa Valley, Mclaren Vale, Clare, Coonawarra, Riverland and many more. For a quick visit I love Yarra Glenn Vic heaps of wineries all in a days drive.
  2. Tygeray

    Hi all, heading to Bali for a much needed break. Love traveling with jetstar

    Good Luck, I admire your bravery:cool:
  3. Tygeray

    Fuel top up con

    Just received an $8 dollar charge from Hertz Nelson NZ , trying to find out what its for is like pulling teeth no one is opening their mouth. Took it back full and clean. Normally use Enterprise and never had any problems. Sorry Hertz I don't think I'll back.
  4. Tygeray

    New Baggage crackdown starts this week at VA

    Recently flew VA, ADL-SYD-ZQN and WLG-BNE-ADL, no weight checks if fact 2 pax had bags they could not fit in the overhead locker. Internet speed not measured but met all my needs.
  5. Tygeray

    2019 Ambassador changes

    I have just received my offer to renew. They list no changes, the offer is the same as last year. When I go to the site they state the change will br made early 2019. How early - Jan, Feb March. ?
  6. Tygeray

    2019 Ambassador changes

    I'll be interested in the fine print, I have a feeling there will be some downside. Have been an Ambassador for several years and found through out Asia you get a lot of recognition and good service, but in Australia I often think why bother. I get Hilton Platinum soon so will be interest in...
  7. Tygeray

    Newbie here

    Welcome aboard. I'm sure you will enjoy the forum and hopefully increase your knowledge and help us increase ours.
  8. Tygeray

    Issues with TripIt

    Just upload 6 flights up to Tripit and had notifications they were loaded within seconds. I seem to remember having problems when using a VPN last year, but no problems tonight..
  9. Tygeray

    Locking luggage

    I agree a strap around the case can save a lot of grief. We had major damage to a case on the way to Hong Kong, it was only the strap around the case that saved the contents. They are available with TSA locks.
  10. Tygeray

    Answered Status credits when paying with gift cards?

    Last month I spent $400 at Coles with gift cards and received 4 Status points today
  11. Tygeray

    What's your Uber experience?

    ADL Uber pickup is about 50 metres north of the rank
  12. Tygeray

    Gd Day

    Just Joined and love the site already, so much helpful information