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  1. timjohns

    (Possibly targeted) Qantas International DSC May 2019 promo [Book by 22/5/19, travel by 9/5/20]

    * No DSC offer for me either. I received two other QF emails overnight about wine & points-store-sale. * My current WP ends 31/05/19 and I have already requalified (1930SC) until 31/05/20. * I have two QF bookings in place for June 2019, July 2019 - made with previous DSC offers - that get me...
  2. timjohns

    QF Points taken and fast response from Qantas

    OK... that now makes sense... thankyou for finding that. I do remember having to setup those questions in my QFF account, and then give AwardWallet those details. So that's how they are avoiding needing the SMS.
  3. timjohns

    QF Points taken and fast response from Qantas

    I question the efficacy of the 2FA that Qantas has deployed for the Frequent Flyer accounts. * I recently set up AwardWallet to monitor my QFF and many other loyalty-points accounts. * Part of that process involves giving AW the login details for your QFF account - so they can log-in...
  4. timjohns

    QF domestic 28-day advance purchase Business Class - not worth the pain

    A key root-cause here appears to be the ongoing issue with QF not displaying the fare-type(bucket) when booking online. Would love to know the internal QF reasoning behind that decision.
  5. timjohns

    QFF and Award Wallet

    UPDATE: *SOLVED* Before trying again today, I poked around in my QFF account and found a (blank/unfilled) section where I was to chose three "security" questions and provide answers, you know the kind.. your teachers cat's favourite colour etc... I had never seen or been prompted to...
  6. timjohns

    QFF and Award Wallet

    OK thanks guys... I'll have another go tomorrow... says I have only one chance left before the account is locked :(
  7. timjohns

    QFF and Award Wallet

    Reviving an old thread... I'm just setting up AwardWallet today with all my things & places but cannot get my QFF account setup. Looks like AW is getting challenged by QF when using my provided credentials, then AW gets asked "security questions" about mothers-maiden-name and postcode...
  8. timjohns

    Worst cabin announcement

    I once flew from Hobart to Melbourne at 15,000 feet due to ash from a volcano on South America. The airport had been closed for about 24hr but later on Sunday morning, they sent one plane up to do a test flight, then about an hour later, my VA flight was called for boarding. The Captain...
  9. timjohns

    QF no more paper based BP!

    Paper trumps electronic every time for reliability and efficiency in these situations, same for event/stadium entry. Sustainability & waste reduction..... GREAT. We're doing the same things in the global company I work for. Makes perfect sense. But not sure that QF has thought this one...
  10. timjohns

    The new QF iphone holder for IFE requirements

    When you're on a plane, sitting next to MacGyver. :) It's the extra wrap-around, for security, on the tray-table-latch that makes this extra skookum.
  11. timjohns

    QF12 business class service fail?

    If this were me... QF CS "I don't understand why did you order a meal then....? " AFF'er "...ummm because a meal made perfect sense to me at the time we were scheduled to leave... 6 hours ago ?" AFF'er "by the way.... how bout some less talk on the food and drink service and...
  12. timjohns

    Let The Music Play or NOT !

    Surprised to see so many people using the QF music. Personally, I prefer to be in charge of my own entertainment, be it music, podcast, audiobook or video. I only use my own BT headphones to listen when flying so maybe I'm not the target market for the in-flight canned music channels. Do the...
  13. timjohns

    Advice on VPN

    I've had excellent ongoing results with Tunnel Bear and Express VPN in China. All my "stuff" lives in the Google world so obviously, a good VPN is vital while travelling CN. Also for FB MSGR to call the family. I pack two VPN for CN in case there are any issues with one during my trip. My...
  14. timjohns

    Worse than feet on bulkheads

    BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE.... just to round out the days events... These pictures were taken by me, from my seat on the plan, showing the luggage wagon next to the loading ramp of my flight with MY BAG clearly visible and identifiable. I showed the pics to some of my fellow “we have no...
  15. timjohns

    Worse than feet on bulkheads

    Well... it’s now many hours later and the flight is over, but not the adventure. He did “calm down” and resume a normal posture and seating when CSM reminded him that he needed to (please) *Open the window shades *bring his seat to the full upright position and *please remove feet from the...
  16. timjohns

    Worse than feet on bulkheads

    We haven’t even finished boarding. Qf89 Row 1 of 738. Perhaps Show some class mate and consideration for fellow pax. Fully reclined. Shoes off. Stinky Feet up on the bulkhead. Not sure what else to say really.
  17. timjohns

    Quoting a passport that will expire before you travel

    I have done this before and simply updated on the booking after new passport was issued.
  18. timjohns

    Bluetooth headset during takeoff/landing

    So how would you account for the fact that they let people use QF in-flight WiFi (where fitted) from gate-to-gate, and the Q-Streaming IFE - over WiFi - on other flights? Bluetooth and WiFi are both 2.4GHz radio signals. Bluetooth much lower power/range through.
  19. timjohns

    Re-Booking Previously Booked Hotels

    Any strategies on how often to recheck prices... weekly, daily, monthly... how far out to start?
  20. timjohns

    Shanghai - The Bund

    I stayed at Les Suites over Xmas and would stay there again for sure. Hotel itself well appointed and good service. I spring for a River View suite and it was amazing views across out the river to Pudong. Really amazing. Location wise is the only slow ght negative I would give. If you plan to...