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  1. Steveinparadise

    Transiting at BNE

    For TRS, if there is a long queue then look to see if they have the dropbox in operation. You fill out the form, write your OWN name and address on the envelope, insert your invoices and completed form (white copy only) and place in the drop box. Takes around 6 weeks at present to get processed...
  2. Steveinparadise

    Question Refunds for Hong Kong travel?

    Regarding your travel insurance, I would have a very careful read of the PDS (Product Disclosure Statement) before making any decisions. I have just had a look at the PDS for the policy my wife and I had for our recent trip to Europe (via Hong Kong). The policy was obtained through BUPA...
  3. Steveinparadise

    HKG Qantas Lounge -Access times with lounge pass

    My wife and I came back thru HKG last month, used comp passes and accessed QF lounge at least 4 hours prior to our departure at 8.15pm, no problems.
  4. Steveinparadise

    Tax & other charges with QF award flight on EK vs CX from DXB

    The fees ex HKG still work out cheaper than most other options though, eg ex Shanghai the fees are much higher.
  5. Steveinparadise

    Difficulties accessing Qantas Club with e-passes - Rude Staff

    There's probably some back-of-house reason for having done away with the previous paper entry tickets, but the pre-assignment system can definitely be a pain. For example, on a recent transit thru SYD on a domestic-international trip by my partner and I, we had to make a decision as to whether...
  6. Steveinparadise

    Checking though luggage Qantas/Emirates

    Hi Rebecca, my wife and I did something similar a couple of weeks ago, flew SYD/HKG on QF Y as a paid ticket then onto EK J on a QFF award ticket (separate PNR), BUT we had a 6.5 hour layover so didn’t bother to try and get through-checking of bags or boarding passes for EK before we left SYD...
  7. Steveinparadise

    TRS Sydney Inspection

    Queried the Emirates policy re drones via their online chat. The result is that my drone has to travel in my checked baggage (minus any batteries), but the remote controller must be in hand luggage because it has a non-removable Li-ion battery. As you say, how does security screening know...
  8. Steveinparadise

    TRS Sydney Inspection

    I took your advice and rang the Customer Service line last evening. The recorded message said the wait was an hour, but encouraged me to use the SMS service which had operators "ready now to answer your call". So i hung up and SMS'd my request to switch to an earlier BNE/SYD flight. I got 3...
  9. Steveinparadise

    TRS Sydney Inspection

    Oh, I wasn't aware of the renovations at T1. Yes, it's 100 mins total time. There are 4 earlier BNE/SYD QF flights before ours, so we are going to get to the airport in time for all of them, and plead/grovel at the service desk to transfer us to one of the earlier flights. We originally booked...
  10. Steveinparadise

    TRS Sydney Inspection

    We're flying HKG/DXB/BCN on Emirates. My concern is that when they do the hand luggage screening at transit in Dubai, they may pick it up then. I just don't want to take the risk of it being confiscated there. Mine's a DJI Spark - the drone battery is removable, but for the remote control it's not.
  11. Steveinparadise

    TRS Sydney Inspection

    Thanks kpc and Daver6 for your updates. I was hoping that they may still be using the drop box for when the queues are too long, but it doesn't sound like it. It will be around 9am Monday morning, so I will just have to take pot luck with the queue. Regarding drones Daver6, mine has removable...
  12. Steveinparadise

    TRS Sydney Inspection

    Has anyone claimed a TRS (Tourist Refund Scheme) refund at SYD international lately? I would be interested to know how long it is taking to submit a claim these days. I am travelling from BNE to HKG and on to Europe on Monday. Unfortunately Qantas cancelled the direct service and I am having to...
  13. Steveinparadise

    Carrier charge for flights originate out of HK

    Are you using multi-city? I may be wrong but I think that if you do, you will only get the low carrier fees ex HKG on yr first leg (HKG to wherever). If you book a straight HKG to wherever to HKG return (even if you choose a flight option such as Emirates via Dubai) you will get low fees.
  14. Steveinparadise

    Complementry passes

    Many thanks for your clarification.
  15. Steveinparadise

    Complementry passes

    I wonder if anyone has found a solution to this. I have a similar problem coming up in a few months, as my wife and I are travelling J to Europe but Y on the return - both reward bookings thru QFF but on Cathay metal. I would like to use two of my passes for the return leg, but don't want to...
  16. Steveinparadise

    Qantas Future Planet - Great way to activate eligible QF Spending on Credit Cards

    This opportunity still works. My other half received 2 lounge passes (13 mths expiry) last week, approx a week after purchasing some carbon credits on her Amex card for the grand total of $1.04. I note that a few people seem to have not received their passes. One thing to check would be whether...
  17. Steveinparadise

    Qantas cash. Never again.

    Hi Below are two screen caps of the offer and fine print from the email I received in September. Hope this helps.
  18. Steveinparadise

    Double the Qantas Points you earn on the ground (up to 15,000 bonus points)

    I received 2 x 5k points from this promo on 24 August. My wife received 1 x 5k and 1 x 790 points on the same day. Seems like we only got the points for two of the three months.
  19. Steveinparadise

    Some guidance pls - QF Syd International J lounge and HKG, Pier J lounge

    I must be a bit different to most posters here, because I can think of nothing worse than lounge-hopping! My wife and I travelled through HKG twice in June (1 x morning, 1 x evening), and we found The Pier J to be superb. Our goal with a lounge is to have somewhere nice with good food and...
  20. Steveinparadise

    Qantas Cash survey

    Nothing for me...but then I haven't used Qantas Cash for a couple of years.