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  1. seanpodge

    China - never a dull moment!

    Sounds interesting. The maglev takes another hit in the practicality stakes. To be honest, I'm a bit surprised that the government didn't just extend the China Railways HSR track to PVG. Would be great for destinations near Shanghai but which be unlikely to ever have the air connections of PVG...
  2. seanpodge

    China - never a dull moment!

    From what I read, the mainland Chinese carriers were largely told where they would be flying out of, but foreign airlines were free to choose between the two (or use both, presumably). One would think that even if foreign carriers were being enticed to PKX with better slots that a number of...
  3. seanpodge

    China - never a dull moment!

    There have been many news articles about the incoming implementation of home recycling, including how to choose which bin to put which item of rubbish. I know for sure it's happening in Shanghai, but I'm not sure about other cities. Hasn't arrived in my block yet, at least, although there are...
  4. seanpodge

    Answered Star Alliance Gold via Asiana club.

    There has been a slight change to the status earning and renewal requirements. Believe it or not, it seems to be an actual enhancement! To get *G, it's still 40,000 over 24 months, but now to maintain it's only 30,000 over 24 months. Can also knock 10,000 off both those numbers if you have an...
  5. seanpodge

    China - never a dull moment!

    Very odd about the luggage weight issue. Have never seen it enforced, therefore assumed that the "actual" rule was that if you can carry it, you can bring it. They do enforce the rules about dangerous items though. Lost a butter knife at Harbin station last year to this.....
  6. seanpodge

    Indonesian Cuisine - A Tad Off Putting

    I've had it a couple of times in China, near the border with North Korea. It did seem to be a speciality of ethnic Korean restaurants. Tasted like fattier, less flavoursome lamb to me. Wasn't bad, but I wouldn't feel the need to seek it out either. Not sure that you'd mistake it for chicken.
  7. seanpodge

    Jetgo in a bit of trouble?

    Very true. Remember that Dubbo Council is a publicly elected body, the members of which might not find themselves very popular with voters if it seemed that they were helping JetGo pretend to their customers that their already paid for tickets were more secure and reliable than reality would...
  8. seanpodge

    Six million people a year would use train to Melbourne Airport

    Sunshine plan looks pretty reasonable.Hopefully using the current rail reservation, even if the tracks themselves are glorified scrap iron, will help keep costs down. I like the idea to turn Sunshine into a V/Line hub. I don't see the need to make it a special or express route though. MEL is...
  9. seanpodge

    Bloomberg: The Best and Worst Airlines and Airports of 2018

    DOH isn't the best airport I've been in, although it does have its pluses. Mainly very efficient transit security and fairly easy to get around, which given its main business is connecting passengers, are pretty important items to get right. If you are just doing a 1.5 - 2 hour transit on your...
  10. seanpodge

    Amusing Scoot Prices to Berlin

    Always wise to remind oneself every once and a while that LCCs are companies, not charities. As always, don't believe the hype and shop around. Relevant to OP's example, it should be noted that QR fares have been rather discounted for a while now, probably due to the effects of the GCC crisis...
  11. seanpodge

    Airline Review - Air China Y TPE to Europe

    Have flown CA a fair bit, almost all domestic with just one international flight (HKG-PEK) in an AVOD-free 330 like OP's. Would agree with his assessments of CA, which is similar to most mainland Chinese airlines. If you go in expecting it to be SQ, EK et al, then of course you'll be...
  12. seanpodge

    Silk Air to be merged into SQ brand

    Really like this just for the *G benefits. Currently it seems SQ mainline will only fly PEK, PVG and CAN in mainland China so this would open things up for me a bit while earning *G. Otherwise, merging MI into SQ seems to make sense given that SQ also has TR to run routes that can't justify the...
  13. seanpodge

    Mobile Office and Clothes Bag - Options and are Crumpler's Good

    It's been a few years now since I've bought a Crumpler but all 4 of my bags are still going strong (although not used as regularly as OP would do). My one experience with using their warranty also was very good. Had a satchel style "messenger" bag whose zip had burst after 2-3 years. Took it to...
  14. seanpodge

    Answered Star Alliance Gold via Asiana club.

    I'm a fairly happy Asiana Club member. Probably in a similar boat to the OP in that while I quite like flying SQ (even in Y!) I'm not ever likely to fly enough to earn *G on KrisFlyer (and SA Silver cards are glorified drink coasters). Obviously the big attraction is the 40000 points in 24...
  15. seanpodge

    Help me plan my trip! (MEL-WAW, max flight 1.5hrs/1500km)

    No problem. Once you're over at DIL or indeed anywhere along Indonesia/PNG/East Timor, it's pretty easy to find flights within 1500 km. Main issues are where you want to go and perhaps more pertinent where you want to avoid. Iraq and Syria aren't included in that map for instance. Pakistan was...
  16. seanpodge

    Help me plan my trip! (MEL-WAW, max flight 1.5hrs/1500km)

    The 90 minute rule is too hard (potentially impossible unless Concorde comes back into service), but the 1500 km rule opens things up a bit.
  17. seanpodge

    Sapporo or Harbin Ice Festivals Feb 2019

    No OW airline serves HRB. Probably the best way is, as you say, to either get to PEK or PVG and then connect to HRB. Both PEK and PVG have 15 - 20 daily flights each to HRB, so there's plenty of options. HRB does have non stop flights to and from Japan, so JL is an option, although they're not...
  18. seanpodge

    Sapporo or Harbin Ice Festivals Feb 2019

    I live in Harbin and so have lived through a few Ice festivals now, including the current one. There are three main places that are worth seeing. One is Ice and Snow World (which is the one that most often pops up in the media). The others are the Snow Scuputres on Sun Island and a smaller Ice...
  19. seanpodge

    Miracles do happen: op-up on SQ!

    I did manage to get a minor up up from Y to Y+ from MEL to SIN just before New Years as a mere *G (OZ). Was quite surprised given SQ's reputation of being very stingy with upgrades. Now I think I should have looked for a flight with no Y+ so I had a chance of J! ;)
  20. seanpodge

    Will China Southern (CZ) join OneWorld?

    Mainland China is clearly a bit of a black hole for OW that CX/KA is never going to be able to fix by itself. That said, CZ is hardly the only game in town and CX are hardly going to quietly cop having to play nice with a global scale carrier almost on its own doorstep. Main problem now is that...