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    BestJet in Administration

    Many people have booked with this company ( with mixed results) hopefully, no one here has been caught out TD breaking news – Bestjet placed into administration | Travel Daily
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    VA double points promo 2019 Book now for travel in 2019 need to register
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    25% off reward sale

    For five days only, you’ll save 25% on the Qantas Points required for Economy Classic Flight Rewards on eligible flights worldwide operated by Qantas, Jetstar, and Emirates with a 'QF', 'JQ' or 'EK' flight number.* Treat yourself or a family member to a great getaway and make your Qantas Points...
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    20000 points for gas and power with Energy Australia

    Saw this offer for 20000 points ( 10k for gas and 10K for power) + 2000 each year Velocity - Points partnership appears you only get 22% early payment discount (other offers without the points give 24% early payment)
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    RIMOWA TOPAS Electronic Tag bags

    has anyone had experience with the RIMOWA TOPAS Electronic Tag bags ? if so with what airlines and do they work with? A local store here in Berlin is having a 30% sale and looking at getting a bag, but was curious to know how they work in the real world of travel with airlines ? any other...
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    AZ News

    Appears that the AZ staff have rejected the proposed changes and now the board have called a emergency meeting. It has been stated that if this happened it is the beginning of the end of the airline ….
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    Now UK looking to ban laptops from ME

    following on from USA .....
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    TXL and SXF 09MAR17

    Warning for anyone in Berlin next few days for ITB or other reasons Most of the airlines have started to cancel flights already Berlin airports strike: Delays, cancellations likely | Business | DW.COM | 09.03.2017
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    FlyBuys - Explore Gold offer

    Received a offer that appears to be targeted... We're inviting a very limited number of flybuys members to apply for Explore Gold, an exclusive three-month taste of Velocity Gold membership1. This is your exclusive opportunity to experience the very best of Virgin Australia's premium...
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    Shooting at FLL airport DL

    CNN now reporting multiple deaths ... have been here many times . Fort Lauderdale airport shooting: 'Several injured' by Florida gunman - BBC News
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    Medical clearance on EY and others

    there are medical reasons not to fly for many reasons ..... a broken nose can be very serious at altitude ...... No Cookies | Daily Telegraph
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    LH Strike

    Might be some interest to some who travel LH in Europe ….. German airlines have had quite a bit of strike action of late TUIfly had similar issue a few weeks back… The news item says flights should be back on Friday – but the local news is saying otherwise Lufthansa cancels more flights...
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    Work for Michael O Leary

    Ryanair advertises job vacancy for assistant to CEO Michael O'Leary | Daily Mail Online Sounds like a dream job ... I know many in airline management wish they could handle complaints like he does.... I might apply
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    Best Sky Team FFP to join for CZ flights _

    I am currently based in Europe and looking at flights home for Xmas this year. CZ have a great price for J class and looking to use this airfare and credit to a Sky Team partner and wanted to know the best one. I have looked into AZ and DL, however it appears that both these programs work on a...
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    AB to reduce fleet - cut 1000 jobs

    This has been in a few of the local papers in Germany over the weekend... Aussie version below. May be of interest to many on here who have the status match Air Berlin to cut 1000 jobs, reduce fleet
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    Lucky charms – Do you travel with one ?

    Random dinner conversation the other night with some friends the topic of travel came up and what we pack as a lucky charm. I travel with a small Donald Duck character I got in Disney land many years ago… touch wood….. in my over 20years of travel to all 7 continents of the world, I am yet to...
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    missed flight - man runs across runway to try and stop flight

    a little concerning re security .... Madrid seems a little too relaxed Ryanair passenger runs across Madrid runway to catch flight | Daily Mail Online
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    Antonov-225-Mriya Prague-Perth

    Would be great to see this for anyone in PER World's largest airplane Antonov An-225 Mriya takes off from Prague to Perth | Daily Mail Online
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    VA1 Diverted to BNE

    No Cookies | Daily Telegraph
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    Wonder what it is like in a ATR on the ground in 160kph winds?

    noticed this on the ABC page ..... crazy ride!