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  1. bosox76

    How long until you get to LTP? (Or are you already there ^_~)

    Well I’m 29% of the way there but pretty much just re-qualify year on end with fortnightly domestic and 1-2 o/s trips per year. At this rate it’s take 44 years, so not even gonna bother. Have a work colleague who is sitting on 69K. Probably the closet one of people I know.
  2. bosox76

    Access to Melbourne F Lounge flying China Airlines (CI) as a QF codeshare

    Then the first hosts just need to know the correct entry rules and which airlines QF codeshares with better. But the website should (I stress should because we all know how many glitches there are with the site) have an accurate up to date list or make their statements less ambiguous for...
  3. bosox76

    Access to Melbourne F Lounge flying China Airlines (CI) as a QF codeshare

    That’s my understanding too. I wasn’t booked on the CI code. If I was I wouldn’t have even tried to get in and would have gone across the hallway to the Maharaba lounge.
  4. bosox76

    Access to Melbourne F Lounge flying China Airlines (CI) as a QF codeshare

    I’d argue and I did that the “Qantas^” bit doesn’t specify qantas marketed AND operated. It just says Qantas flight. As far as my ticket goes it is a QF flight. QF marketed and QF ticketed with a QF code. They obviously just need to update their list/rules. I’m sure the same will apply with FJ...
  5. bosox76

    Access to Melbourne F Lounge flying China Airlines (CI) as a QF codeshare

    I thought I would too, but the points and SC posted today. So really it was just the lounge staff. The boarding pass even had clearly printed on it “sold as QF360” just not my QFF number.
  6. bosox76

    Access to Melbourne F Lounge flying China Airlines (CI) as a QF codeshare

    Just thought that I’d share a little experience from the other night. Mrs B, Infant B and I were flying MEL-TPE in J on China Airlines (CI58) but booked through and ticketed by QF as flight QF360. The check in staff at the CI desk kept telling us that as J pax we had access to the Maharba...
  7. bosox76

    Why is the QF EK alliance such a joke?

    Only read to this point so far but as someone who lived in YVR and flew AS regularly I’d have to say that I never had a bad flight with them. Sure the lounges in LAX and YVR aren’t anything to write home about but the inflight experience is no worse than anything else in NA including AA.
  8. bosox76

    MEL Dom. lounges refurb Completed October 2018

    Had a quick walkthrough before grabbing a bite in the J lounge. I know it’s only stage I and I also appreciate that there will be a bit of a dogleg into the current J lounge but the loss of a lot of natural light is a big loss for the QP. Luckily I have access to the J lounge for the time being...
  9. bosox76

    Loud snoring

    Hi JohnK. You sound just like a lot of my patients. It’s never too late. The energy you think you have is nothing compared to what you could have. Lose the weight and then the joints and muscles won’t hurt so much either. The diabetes improves, less meds are needed. Your daughter will definitely...
  10. bosox76

    What I ate today - the food thread

    When in Vienna one must Weiner Schnitz
  11. bosox76

    What I ate today - the food thread

    My obligatory preflight treat. Quite enjoyed the pineapple and passionfruit combo
  12. bosox76

    Taiwan Area for a Couple of Days - Ideas please?

    If military then the Chang Kai Shek memorial is probably one you should consider. There’s a display underneath on his history as the party leader and fight with Mao. At least there used to be. It’s been a few years since I was last there. If it was good food you wanted then I’d have more...
  13. bosox76

    The view from my "office"

    The one upside to being placed in a holding pattern was this view of Melbourne town from up high. Taken last Friday.
  14. bosox76

    Qantas Delays/Cancellations

    Not a major flight and forgot to post on Friday but QF2085 MQL-MEL went tech after we all boarded and then diembarked. After a little bit of chaos we were eventually all put up in a hotel for the night and told we would be placed on of 2 flights the next day. Either QF2077 departing 0700...
  15. bosox76

    An article on flying QF First

    Mrs B and I have been lucky enough to fly QF F half a dozen times (all points upgrades) as recently as last month. We’ve never been offered (but like others would’ve declined) an F host except once on landing in LAX after a massive delay and missed connections there was one at the bagge carousel...
  16. bosox76

    Recommended SIM for Europe

    I first turned on the phone in Dubai. No problems. Worked fine on arrival in UK.
  17. bosox76

    Flight Availability/Loadings & Upgrade Probability Help Desk

    Thanks. Finger crossed I guess.
  18. bosox76

    Flight Availability/Loadings & Upgrade Probability Help Desk

    Hi collective. With our holiday quickly coming to a close could someone please help with loadings for QF2 LHR to SYD on Sat Feb 3rd departing 2045. Mrs B and I have a J to F upgrade requests in. Thanks in advance.
  19. bosox76

    Recommended SIM for Europe

    I’m currently Holidaying through UK and France and got the 3 Sim from Simcorner. Offers unlimited calls in and to the UK but need to preload some money either in store or online if you want to call (or receive?) outside of the UK. I got it more for data. You get 12GB of which 9GB can be used...
  20. bosox76

    QF web is selling AKL - MEL (x) on 330 and then MEL - PER on the 787

    I see. Only you can decide whether your proposed trip is worth the financial outlay and if you’ll get out of the trip the things that you want to. It’s a pretty tight connection. You’ll probably be ok but I always get a little edgy with international connections of one hour or less. All it takes...