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  1. sinophile888

    This being banned is getting a bit boring. [Needs medical O2 to travel]

    In 2014, I was banned from cruising for 2 years and from visiting America. The cruising ban was lifted after a year but not visiting America. And now I have been temporarily banned by Qantas. Qantas Special Handling emailed and then rang me a day after my last flight (MEL to PER) to inform me...
  2. sinophile888

    Answered QF changed flight time and aircraft (330 to 737) [Options?]

    A few months ago, I booked on QF772 on an A330, returning on QF475, also an A330. I bought a discounted economy ticket for myself and my daughter and upgraded myself to J using points. My daughter had a bulkhead seat booked in Y, which is what she likes. A month or so before Christmas, I...
  3. sinophile888

    Why can't I make a seat selection?

    I am flying on QF772 tomorrow. I purchased a fully flex fare and applied for a points upgrade to Business. I chose an Economy seat and when I looked this evening my seat had become available again. However, I have not been upgraded even though there are two vacant Business seats. Now the...
  4. sinophile888

    How can I talk to someone at Qantas?

    I need to change a November booking to fly earlier in the day. I rang Qantas twice on Friday, once yesterday and once today. Each time I got a recorded message to ring back later as they are very busy, unless I need assistance with a flight today. When is a good time to ring?
  5. sinophile888

    Pan Pacific or DT Melbourne

    My SO and I will be in Melbourne for four nights in late January and I have narrowed down the accommodation options to two. 1) Pan Pacific for $1165 for a Deluxe room including breakfast and free wi-fi. I like the room size. 2) Doubletree for $966 for a Queen Guest room (HH Gold...
  6. sinophile888

    Going for Gold?

    I am planning on staying in a few Hiltons next month for a total of 19 nights, so I thought that I'd try for Gold for either 4 stays or 10 nights. My questions are: Can I use 5 nights from Easter so I will only need 5 more nights or 3 more stays? Or can I alternate bookings at the first hotel...
  7. sinophile888

    Transfer from Southampton Port to Heathrow.

    My daughter and I are booked on a Celebrity cruise out of and returning to Southampton. I have researched the options for transferring from Southampton Port to Heathrow and don't really like any of them. We don't mind how we get to the port from London but on the day we return to Southampton...
  8. sinophile888

    Has anyone stayed at any of these London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt Hiltons?

    I am trying to finalise our trip next month and have narrowed our hotel choices down to these three possibles. Hilton Angel Islington Hampton by Hilton Amsterdam Centre East Hilton Frankfurt Has anyone stayed at any of these? What did you think?
  9. sinophile888

    Getting a better price on EK in J.

    I am unable to fly at night, so to get from Perth to Europe has a few challenges. Last time I went QF from Perth to Singapore and return and then EK from Singapore to Dubai and Rome and home from Heathrow, Dubai and Singapore. We stopped overnight for at least one night in each place and it...
  10. sinophile888

    If I fly QF then EK?

    I am planning to fly QF from PER -> SIN -> KUL. Then, just over 36 hours later, on EK, from KUL -> DXB -> LHR. Can I book my check-in luggage all the way from PER to LHR? Or am I dreamin'?
  11. sinophile888

    Flying J on EK

    I am starting to plan a trip to Europe in this coming June/July and have a few questions. My current thoughts are PER -> SIN -> DXB -> AMS and LHR > DXB -> SIN -> PER. I will stop overnight at each airport with all daytime flights. If I fly J on EK, will I have a chauffeur pickup and dropoff...
  12. sinophile888

    QFF and Velocity points.

    In a parallel universe, if it were possible to trade Velocity and QFF points, what would be a fair exchange rate between the two?
  13. sinophile888

    Upgrading from Flex fare

    In July, I was booked PER - MEL – PER on the cheapest fare. I received an email from Qantas asking if I wanted to bid for an upgrade x2 on the return leg. I bid 4000 points and $250 pp and was successful. At the end of last year, we received news that required us to fly from PER - MEL – PER...
  14. sinophile888

    Merry Mathematical Christmas

  15. sinophile888

    Inaugural AFF Cruise 25 - 29 Jan 2018

    I have done a little research re a cruise gathering in 2018 and have found the following so far: ShipDepartureArrivalnightsvia Voyager of the SeasFriday2/02/201818:30SydneyMonday5/02/2018Sydney6:303 P&O ArcadiaFriday23/02/201823:59SydneyMonday26/02/2018Brisbane8:003 Ovation of the...
  16. sinophile888

    Queries about Gold Fast Track.

    I have two queries about Gold fast track. The first is: I have already booked 10 nights at a Hilton hotel in London in October. I also want to book 6 nights in Amsterdam, a couple of nights with points. Can I book, say day 3, in my daughter’s name using my points? Or her supplementary credit...
  17. sinophile888

    What is Qantas so keen to speak to my daughter?

    My adult daughter is booked to fly from Perth to Melbourne in a few weeks. She is currently on a cruise with limited mobile coverage (and not much credit either). She got a call from C…….e at Qantas on Wednesday so my daughter asked me to follow it up. I finally got through and asked the...
  18. sinophile888

    How to get from Heathrow to Southampton?

    Our flight to LHR is due in at 13:15 and we want to go straight to Southampton for a cruise leaving the next day. We would prefer to travel direct and by rail, but I am having trouble finding a good option. So far, I have come up with train from Heathrow to Waterloo, then a train to...
  19. sinophile888

    Whether to fly Y or J on QR?

    I am planning a trip to Europe in October/November this year with my adult daughter. We are still unsure of final dates. My research shows that my best option is to travel with QR, flying with them from SIN -> DOH -> DME and then DXB -> DOH -> SIN. There will also be positioning flights from...
  20. sinophile888

    Has anyone stayed at Hilton London Kensington?

    Has anyone stayed at Hilton London Kensington? I am planning a stay in London in October this year. Hilton London Kensington appears to have reasonable pricing at that time. Has anyone stayed there? Stay for 2 adults preferably with breakfast. I would love to have some AFF opinions.