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    70,000 Gateway points or move to Ascent?

    Called up AMEX the other day to see if I could move from my Explorer card to a Platinum Edge card. Was surprised when the operator offered 70,000 points to stay with the Explorer card. My job just changed, so a lot of travel expenses are going to go on the card. I think the yearly card fee is...
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    Where should my SC's go?

    I'm a previous seasoned traveller, having obtained both QF and VA WP simultaneously. I'm about to commence a new job that is going to see considerable travel, and trying to get a lay of the land since it's been about 4 years since I've been travelling a fair bit. My current state is: -...
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    US award availability - is it T-330 or T-319?

    I'm looking to do a US trip in Jan 2019 with the family, and looking to use VA points where I can. I know US award availability is pretty scarce, so I'm doing my homework now to make sure that I can book as soon as they are released. I always thought the seats were released at T-330, but I did...
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    St. Maarten 747 landing and MD-83 takeoff

    Here in St. Maarten for a few days, and had to go to the Sunset Bar to watch all the planes land at the airport. Managed to get these 2 cool videos (apologise for the swearing!): Definitely a really cool experience and recommend it to any travel...
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    QF L class posted as 50% EQM & EQP

    Just credited my first ever flight from QF to AA, and am confused as to why I only got 843 miles instead of 1686. I definitely recall asking in the J lounge what my fare class was, which was L, and according to American Airlines oneworld Partner it would indicate that L gives 50% EQM but 100%...
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    Qualifying night question

    Want to stay in Sydney on Thursday at an IHG hotel, but not a lot of availability in the price range I need to book in. I can see has a best flexible at Potts Point available, but the IHG website says there is no rooms available. If I book on, do I get...
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    New Years Eve 2014 @ HI Old Sydney

    Spoke to the front desk at HI Old Sydney this week, they claimed 90% of their guests at New Years stayed on points and they were capping it this year. I imagine the logic behind this is the revenue loss, its in an absolute prime position and they are already looking to charge around $1K a night...
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    Combined work, pleasure and status run situation, help needed

    I have a work trip that should be occurring week of June 9, and I then have a family re-union in The Netherlands June 22. I'm trying to see what I can do where I could possibly fit in a status run around US and complete an AA Platinum challenge. Where it becomes interesting is that I can...
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    SC's where 2 segments with same flight number

    Hi all from 37000 feet on the way to ORD, Had originally booked my status run with AA2042 and then AA358, but this now looks to have become a single flight number with multiple segments (PDX-ORD-LGA). How does QF treat this from a SC earn perspective?
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    Upgrade potential for DPS -> MEL 3/3

    Just got off the phone to Velocity to see if I could use points to upgrade a flexi from DPS -> MEL on 3/3 and was told that there were no seats available to Velocity to process an upgrade. I've already booked my wife as a J award on the same flight, so obviously keen to be sitting alongside...
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    SC's earned on SIA operated flight with VA flight number

    Hi all, Just recently did a MEL-SIN flying on SIA, but was only credited 30 SC's. Looking at the SC earn table, all SIA flights in Y seem to earn as Full Economy. Did I only receive the Discount Economy SC's because it was booked under a VA codeshare flight number? If so, I won't be making...
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    Oneworld status run in USA - June 2013

    Hi all, A colleague of mine and myself are embarking on a US trip in June this year. The plan is to visit the following cities: Originate in Portland, Boston, NY, Miami, Trinidad (Port of Spain) and then back to LA for a connecting flight. We will essentially be driving down from Seattle to...
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    NAN -> MEL - Options with various VA CC's

    I have both a Virgin Flyer and AMEX Velocity Platinum. Have some QF points I can burn for the family getting to NAN, but would need to pay for the flight back. I take it the Virgin Flyer is for domestic only and doesn't include short haul International? Also, the T&C's for the AMEX would lead...
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    Dilemma - Who to credit flights to

    I have a dilemma... Doing a SC run in the US next month with AA. I've just worked out that it would cover me for the 10K platinum challenge. I am 450 SC's short of requalifying WP with QF, with my status year ending on March 31. I could probably still cover the gap needed to reach 1200 SC's...
  15. M

    How to find a good/reliable tour guide in Trinidad

    Going to go to Trinidad in June next year... I'm a complete and utter chilli freak, and it's only been in the last few years that the hottest chillies in the world have been found to have originated from Trinidad. My plan is to go there for 3 days or so and as I'd really like advice around how...
  16. M


    YACCQ = Yet Another Credit Card Question I'm in the process of moving my home loan from NAB -> Ubank, since NAB seem unwilling to match the discount rate from Ubank. No big deal, still end up with a NAB subsidiary, but I need to look at what CC I am using now as I'll probably close my NAB QF...
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    RA referral giveaway

    I have a RA referral certificate that I'd like to give away, but would like a worthy recipient to earn it. It's as simple as this: The person with the best limerick that includes their favourite IC in it will win. I'll make a decision by 7:30 pm next Sunday, the more humourous the better!
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    Amb/RA expiry date

    Hello, I was speaking to the PC call centre today to get some points fixed for a stay in IC Fiji a few months back, and asked when my RA expiry date was. Was informed it was in June 2013, but I have no idea where I can actually see this information online. Anyone know where to find it?
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    Where have the good beers gone in Sydney lounge?

    No Fat Yak, no Beez Neez.... Apparently a new company has taken over the food + drinks as of yesterday. Anyone know much about it and when the good beers will be back?
  20. M

    Invalid certificate for

    I've just to go book some MEL-SYD flights, but I'm getting an invalid SSL certificate warning after choosing the source/destination/dates and clicking select flights. Is anyone else getting the problem? I've tried in both Google Chrome and Firefox with the same results.