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  1. timjohns

    SC earn on sector where QF changed my booking from (U) to (X)

    Hello All, I have my last JASA booking in May from BNE-xMEL-xPER-KTA (return). I had booked it way-back-when as 737's for all sectors in Business (U) I noticed today that QF have changed my booking for the xPER-KTA and KTA-xPER sectors to now be 717 in Economy (X) What will the SC/Points...
  2. timjohns

    Qantas Lounge WiFi and Twitter ?

    Is it just me having a particularly bad hair day or is there something up with QF lounge WiFi and accessing Twitter ? Today I've been in MEL J, ADE lounges and currently sitting in BNE J lounge and have not been able to access Twitter either from web browser or mobile app(s) when connected to...
  3. timjohns

    Telephone fee to resolve the 5685 Itinerary online error ?

    Merry Xmas All, I presume when making an online change to a Flexi fare and you get the "We could not find fare for the requested itinerary (5685)" error that you are not then charged a telephone-fee of $35-40 when you ring CS to make the change over the phone. I've tried a few times over a...
  4. timjohns

    QF excludes ASAs in U from [some] bonus SC promos (Check your T&Cs)

    Total Newbie question here, so apologies in advance... I received a +50% SC offer on Friday for AU/NZ travel 25th Oct --> 31st Jan. Is this a one-time-offer or can I book multiple (eligible) trips during that time period and still receive +50% SC ? I've got a few points saved up...
  5. timjohns

    Newbie... watching... learning

    Greetings All, Newbie to the AFF forums. And to the game of seriousRewards chasing. Currently a lowly naive QF NB flyer but have started traveling more for work and personal in recent months and stumbled across AFF. Spending my time here between lurking and stickies (which sounds a bit wrong...