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    Adding QFF number to a online booking on AA

    So im trying to book some US flights for our family, My wife and i have QFF numbers in the 7 digits and my daughter has a newer one with 10 digits On their online booking page it says after i have entered all my details and click proceed Name and account number don’t match. Please try again...
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    Can you skip first flight of 2 flights ?

    So looking for some flights to Asia for Xmas and its super expensive from MEL to Sin i see due to some crazy pricing qantas have perth - mel - sin in business for $930 The first flight per - mel is on qf and the. A 4 hour layover at MEL the mel - sin is on Emirates as we live in...
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    Best J/F seat to share with infant on OW to LHR

    Hi All, So we want to head to UK before out daughter reaches 2. After that we have to pay for her. If we were fly Singapore i would have no issue with the J seats and you can comfortably seat 1 adult and 1 child. But alas we only have QFF points. We are thinking of going via HK or NRT as its...
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    QF 96 LAX - MEL time change ?

    QF 96 LAX - MEL time change now depart 23:35 ? We booked this flight on the Dec 7th as a 747 as it usually leaves at 20:30pm LA time but it seems its now been moved to 23:35 and we get into Melb at 10:00AM ! Is QF 94 still running ? Usually that leaves around 23:00 Would this be a one off ...
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    Luggage Question on Qantas Code Share..

    So we just booked multi trip with from Mel - DFW and then LAX - Mel, All the flights are all code share on QF metal Looking at the booking i cannot see how much luggage allowance i get. I'm a Qantas Gold FF and i added that into the booking on and i see it now under my bookings...
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    Status Credit is this correct?

    I just flew back from Houston to AU on QF and AA. the AA3661 Economy flight from IAH - LAX gave me 40SC for 1377miles yet the QF94 Economy flight from LAX - MEL gave me 45SC for 7935miles did i get extremely lucky on the AA flight ? It seems a lot of SC for a small flight compared with...
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    Double liquid bag search coming back in Australia

    Does anyone know why Australia seems to be the only country that enforces a double back search for liquids? I understand the first pass at the Xray machines for 100ml.. but the extra one at the gate just seem stupid ? Just came back from Fiji and all the people who bought water for the flight...
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    QF cheap Premium Economy to HK $1398 return

    just got their email now. this is a great price from Melb. It was around the $1900 mark
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    What is US like travel during Thanksgiving ?

    What is Air Travel in the US like during Thanksgiving ? Hi All, After booking my International US trip a few weeks ago i just found out that we will be returning back to LA around Thanksgiving. I know a lot of people in the US take the 4 days off. TG Thursday 22nd Nov Black Friday 23rd Nov...
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    USA Status Run Nov 2012

    Hi, I've been looking for all these great fares but cannot seem to find any.. The best prices i can find it around the $3000USD mark. Pretty much just need one way from West Coast to East Coast for 2 people. I have a Few days in LA before we start. So we begin on Friday 9th Nov - LAX - LAS...
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    Unexpected SC and FF Points - Mel -Lax

    Just looking at my FF statement and seems QF has given both my wife and I full SC and FF points on our recent (5 days ago) Y return trip from Mel-Lax Now we bought the cheapest Y tickets from Fully inflexible, no cancel, no change and there was no upgrading the tickets cheap (1400...
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    Confused about Qantas pricing and fare type ??

    Hi All I'm looking to book Mel - LAX in Jan 21 Jan - 4 Feb If i select Sat 21 the best price is around $895 there and $814 back Now if i select the Sun 22 the best price is $791 there and $729 back Why does the price for the Return flight change by $85 if you leave 1 day earlier ? Also the...
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    Dallas - Las Vegas (Grand Canyon) - LA Road Trip thread...

    Hi All, With QF flying into Dallas now and me about to do this trip/route i figure why not start a thread with all the info to help other people out. My initial plan is to drive pretty much along i40 until Flagstaff Dallas - Oklahoma - Amarillo - Albuquerque - Flagstaff to Utah on...
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    Booking flights using Continental Airlines over AirNZ and United

    Hi Just searching around and i have found Continental Airlines have way cheaper J fares from Melb - Lax (flying AirNZ, MEL - AKL, AKL - LAX there and United LAX - SYD - MEL back) than going with either AirNZ or United return separately. Anyone see any issues using Continental to book code...
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    V Australia LAX - Mel slower than QF

    Just looking at the flights from LAX - Mel and i notice V-Australia VA 12 leave LAX at 21:40 Arrive MEL at 08:25 Qantas QF 94 Leave LAX at 23:20 Arrive MEL at 08:40 Does A Australia fly slower than QF?
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    Malaysia: Mel - Kul $569 inc taxes

    Taken from ozBargain Malaysia Airlines Sale (Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur) $569 including all pre-payable taxes - OzBargain Malaysia - Malaysia AirlinesFantastic Sale from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur Feb-Nov 10 Lots of $126 fares from Mel - Kul but not as many coming back might have to...
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    Emirates: Mel - Kul $594 return

    Emirates Inaugural Sale: From Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur Return from $593.81 (Inc Taxes) Emirates Inaugural Sale: From Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur Return from $593.81 (Inc Taxes) - OzBargain Awful flight time from Mel :( 03:10 depart mel but pretty good price Not sure when it ends but i put...
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    A380: Mel - Sin - NRT very underwhelming experience

    Just got back from my trip Melbourne - Singapore - Narita return on the A380 and i'm left very underwhelmed at Singapore Airlines J Class. This is the first time i have ever flown J. The highest i have flown is QF Y+ to HK. The A380 aircraft was amazing. Nice and smooth and very very quiet...
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    How would i go in Japan/Toyko ?

    Hi, Just wondering how i would go in Japan/Toyko, Background: Seasoned traveller and travel around 3-4 times a year. Mostly to Singapore/Thailand/Hong Kong etc.. Mainly places where you can get away easily with english/chinglish/thailish :) From all the people i have talked to they...
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    Westpac now offering Krisflyer cards in AU?

    I just got the letter last night saying Westpac are now offering Singapore Airlines Krisflyer cards. There is an Amex one and a Visa one Points look ok for Amex Gold = $1 = 1 kris point plat = $1 = 1.5 kris point they have a special until end of Oct i think.. Are these new? I don't think...